James Vincent makeup Artist 12.8.2016






An Artist Conversation – Nick Lujan, James Vincent, Paloma Romo, Lijha Stewart, Jake Aebly and Stephanie Flor– November 20th, 4PM EST

Being a better artist and building a stronger business requires successful planning, branding, and building your network. In the international industry you have to be sure you put together successful business materials, a mastery of makeup applications and create a portfolio and presence that best represents you. You also need to build your support system and surround yourself with people that understand it all.  In this session, this panel of artists who have redefined what success can mean, created their own place and made an indelible mark in the industry. Join us for inspiration and honest advice from artists who have done it and are doing it and can help you make your own name in the beauty business.


Making Up: James Molloy – November 21st, 11AM EST

As one of the most talked about makeup artists in our industry in the last few years, James Molloy continues to redefine modern beauty. With an impressive resumé that includes celebrities, international fashion and beauty and developing a brand that every artist wants; James Molloy has made a name for himself as an artist, entrepreneur and educator. His company MYKITCO continues to change the way we look at tools. James will share his inspiring story and show you how he creates his unforgettable looks. He will offer insight on choosing the right tool, take you through his process and talk about building your name in a competitive industry. Whether your work is in bridal, television or editorial, this is a presentation not to be missed. Hosted by James Vincent. Translated by Anluis Minier.



An Artist in the Making: Norma Jane – November 21st, 2PM EST

Whether it is backstage leading fashion shows in Paris or Milan or representing Maybelline everywhere from Colombia to NYC, Makeup Artist, Norma Jane has an eye for color and passion and always brings it into beauty and fashion. As an artist,  personality and entrepreneur, Norma has influenced and inspired people all over the world with her makeup aesthetic and takes the title of artist and influencer to new levels. In her first time session with The Makeup Show, Norma shares the story behind her international career, shows you some of her favorite makeup tips and techniques and offers insight on what you can do to find your own path to individual success. Translated by Paloma Romo.

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James Vincent makeup Artist 12.8.2016






Building Brand Relationship: Brian Esper for Riot Beauty, Julia Dalton-Brush for B3 Balm, James Vincent for Rebels and Outlaws, Danessa Myricks for Danessa Myricks Beauty and J.D. Kraemer from Alcone Company – November 21st, 4:30PM EST

Building an international career requires partnerships and relationships with artists and brands. Listen and learn to what brands are looking for when they build relationships with makeup artists. What separates one artist from another? What do brands look for when bringing in or sponsoring an artist? How can you improve your portfolio and presence to make an impact? We will cover all this and more in this illuminating panel with some of the most influential artists and brand leaders. Translated by Marvin Torres.



Complexion is A Canvas: Nick Lujan – November 22nd, 10AM EST

Like our brand founder, Kevyn Aucoin, we believe that beautiful makeup begins with a beautiful canvas. The job of a makeup artist doesn’t begin with color, it begins with prepping the skin and applying a beautifully balanced foundation. Beautiful makeup starts with a beautiful complexion, Explore how to use KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY complexion products. Once you master the underlying canvas, anything is possible.


  • Makeup style: Bridal, Red Carpet, Special Occasion, Celebrity Style
  • Learn how texture plays a big role in a balanced makeup: placement of shimmer & matte
  • Dewy/Fresh, Natural/Satin, Matte
  • Proper technique for setting powder.

Translated by Mayte Cruz.




Signature Style: Daniel Martin – November 22nd, 12:30PM EST

Acclaimed Makeup Artist, Daniel Martin has become one of the most talked about men in makeup. Coveted by celebrities, copied by brides and watched with intense interest by the industry. Daniel has brought natural beauty back to the spotlight, elevated what it can be and inspired many to do the same. With an unmatched eye for beauty, the New York based artist began his career apprenticing at an Aveda concept salon before teaching for the brand regionally. His work has been featured in British Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar. He was also one of two makeup artists to participate in the historic “All Black” issue of Vogue Italia, shot by photographer Steven Meisel. Martin counts Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex as a loyal client, as well as Elisabeth Moss, Jessica Alba, Gemma Chan, and Jessica Biel. Hosted by James Vincent. Translated by Anluis Minier.



Danessa Myricks International Stage: Pepe Gutiérrez – November 22nd, 3PM EST

The secret to art and the career of makeup has captured the collective imagination. Once an unappreciated area of film and fashion, artists worked quietly behind the scenes. Makeup is now celebrated by both professionals and the masses in a major way all over the world. Artists are stepping to the forefront with innovative applications and exciting new styles. Danessa Myricks and Pepe Gutiérrez are two artists and entrepreneurs who have become internationally recognized for their makeup looks, education and the inspiration they bring to beauty lovers all over the world. Join us as Danessa and Pepe do a demo and offer insight on building an international career to become a better artist and creating work that is impactful, engaging, and elevates the idea of what makeup artist can be. Translated by Paloma Romo.

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Creative Career: Andy Alexis Jimenez – November 22nd, 5:30PM EST

Andy Alexis Jimenez originated from Mexico and at 25 years old is taking over the makeup world. Whether it’s his work with celebrities including Paris Hilton, Drake Bell, Belinda, Vanessa Claudio, Bárbara del Regil, Fey, Carla Morrison, Michelle Salas, Aracely Arambula and Marisol Gonzalez, or his experience making every bridal client look like a movie star, Andy makes glamour and fashion part of his work. On this first time session for The Makeup Show, Andy shares his secrets to giving glamour in any makeup situation. Knowing which products work best for high intensity situations from red carpet and celebrity appearances to holiday parties, weddings and editorial allows you to choose these makeup must-haves to apply high performance makeup and use the perfect product and technique on every client. Watch and learn as Andy shares his design process for giving glamour as well as secrets for application and last looks.

Hosted by James Vincent. Translated by Anluis Minier.

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