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Learn from legendary artists making an impact on our industry’s past, present and future at our live Main Stage. The Main Stage is a must for the attendees who want to learn how to advance their own artistry and careers.
*Main Stage presentations are live and included in your show ticket.

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Building Brand Relationship: Brian Esper for Riot Beauty, Julia Dalton-Brush for B3 Balm, James Vincent for Rebels and Outlaws, Danessa Myricks for Danessa Myricks Beauty and J.D. Kraemer from Alcone Company 
Building an international career requires partnerships and relationships with artists and brands. Listen and learn to what brands are looking for when they build relationships with makeup artists. What separates one artist from another? What do brands look for when bringing in or sponsoring an artist? How can you improve your portfolio and presence to make an impact? We will cover all this and more in this illuminating panel with some of the most influential artists and brand leaders. Translated to Spanish by Marvin Torres.


Celebrity Driven: Rokael – Sunday January 31, 4pm-5:30pm
As one of the most esteemed makeup artists in our industry, Rokael continues to redefine modern beauty and make a mark in many areas. Coveted by celebrities and world-renowned photographers alike, Rokael’s influence on makeup lovers and lead role in creating makeup trends is a true inspiration for any makeup pro. With a resumé  that includes campaigns for beauty brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, KKW Beauty, Urban Decay, Dose of Colors, and Kylie Cosmetics, Rokael has influenced the looks of makeup wearers all over the world. With an understanding of color, texture and trend, Rokael innovates and understands what clients want and what makeup artists need. In this Main Stage presentation, Rokael breaks down the why and how of designing and applying the ideal celebrity makeup application on any client. He will demonstrate the technique that has made him a celebrity artist and share the secrets to becoming a success. Rokael will showcase some of the tricks and techniques that make him the go-to artist for the most famous faces in the world including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Nicole Scherzinger and Cassie. Rokael will discuss his career while offering tips on how to take yourself to the next level and showcase the artistry that he has become world- renowned for. Through his experience working with these brands and clients, he has developed the skills necessary to build his own line of lashes. Rokael has been developing and testing his new line of lashes on his A-list clients and is now extremely excited to finally share his vision with the world. Do not miss out on Rokael’s first TMS Main Stage presentation and the unveiling of his new must-have lashes.

Experience our stages created for artists to learn the new trends for the season and the techniques from Airbrush, Beauty, FX and Body Art. These seminars are presented by our sponsors and exhibitors along with the biggest artists in the business.

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*Seminars are complimentary events and are included in admission to The Virtual Makeup Show. 

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The Makeup Show offers weekly educational webinars, a selection of these webinars will be available at a discounted rate to The Virtual Show attendees. Attendees who purchase webinars will receive their viewing link in their Virtual Show confirmation email and can watch the webinar at their own leisure for up to 48 hours once the link is activated. If you have already purchased your ticket and would like to add a webinar to your registration please email Niamh.

*All webinar purchases are non refundable.

Bridal Business – Part 1 “Getting Started”: Kevin James Bennett
James Vincent – $20
One of the industries that we know will successfully emerge from COVID-19 is the Bridal industry. People will want to finally have the wedding they planned for but had to postpone or a redo of the wedding they never got to enjoy with friends and family. Is your Bridal Business set up to handle the future demand and grow?

In our two-part webinar, Kevin James Bennett, Emmy award-winning makeup artist and Bridal Beauty expert, provides guidelines and best practices for building a successful business in the post-COVID bridal industry.

Everything you should know about getting started and building a rock-solid foundation for your Bridal Business including business focus, branding, marketing, networking, and advertising.

In this 90 minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How to develop marketing materials that make an impact
  • To build a network that builds your business
  • To separate yourself from the pack and make a name for yourself in a creative industry


Bridal Business – Part 2 “Menu Of Services” & “The Business of Having a Business”: Kevin James Bennett
James Vincent – $20
One of the industries that we know will successfully emerge from COVID-19 is the Bridal industry. People will want to finally have the wedding they planned for but had to postpone or a redo of the wedding they never got to enjoy with friends and family. Is your Bridal Business set up to handle the future demand and grow?

In this part two webinar, Kevin James Bennett, Emmy award-winning makeup artist and Bridal Beauty expert, provides guidelines and best practices for building a successful business in the post-COVID bridal industry.

Part 2 – “Menu Of Services” & “The Business of Having a Business”

This webinar focuses on creating a menu of services tailored to accommodate your target bride. It also outlines your financial and legal responsibilities.

In this 90 minute webinar, you will learn:

To build a business that feels bespoke for your client
How to put together your professional materials
Build a business that is secure and successful


Mastering Makeup Mixology: Yvonne MacInnis, Lijha Stewart & Hosted by James Vincent – $17 
“Mixology” is one of your most powerful tools as a makeup artist. From applying gorgeous beauty makeup to creating captivating artistic looks, it allows you to maximize your products while minimizing your kit. In this 90 minute class, you will learn 5 of the best mixing mediums and the results that each of them give with some of our kit favorites. You’ll learn how to make foundation and experiment with coverage, mix pigments, paints and textures of all kinds. We’ll discuss customizing products and tools for unique effects, plus we’ll cover the rules you must know when experimenting with mixology. Expand your artistry and your mind with Mixology and Mastery!

In this 90 minute webinar, you’ll learn to:

▪ Master one of the most powerful artistry tools from applying gorgeous beauty makeup to creating captivating artistic looks
▪ Maximize your product and minimize your kit
▪ 5 of the best mixing mediums and the results that each give with some of our kit favorites
▪ Discover how to make foundation and experiment with coverage, mix pigments, paints and textures of all kinds
▪ Customize products and tools to create unique effects
▪ Plus the number one rule you must know when experimenting with mixology.

A New Approach to Color Theory for Artists of All Levels: Yvonne MacInnis Lijha Stewart & James Vincent – $15
Go beyond the wheel to learn the deeper meaning of COLORS, how to use them more effectively in your makeup designs and MASTER the Art of Color Mixology. In this interactive digital class, you will learn to apply color theory to every aspect of your makeup from concept to final look. Design using intuition, by learning the psychology of color and how to use it to evoke feelings and emotions in your creative work.


Mature Glam: Eugenia Weston, Melanie Mills & Hosted by James Vincent  – $15
For many makeup artists, mature skin can be very tricky to work with. It has certain characteristics and specific needs that other skin types might not have. Applying products like foundation without taking age into account will not result in an application that makes your client look their best or feel their most confident. In this Master Series webinar, James Vincent hosts two legendary artists and entrepreneurs as they bring you through beauty and glam for mature skin and show you how to make every client look and feel like a movie star. Melanie Mills, is known for her multi-Emmy award Gleam technique and brand, Melanie Mills Hollywood. Melanie will show you how to elevate your application. Award-winning makeup artist Eugenia Westin is renowned for working with Hollywood legends and her groundbreaking brand, Senna Cosmetics, will share her process for working with clients and their individual needs. Together, will share their secrets and techniques that has earned them the respect of celebrity clients and the entire industry.

In this webinar, you will learn:
· Adjust your products and techniques for mature skin
· Build a reputation for working well with mature skin
· Work with skin of all ages, types and diversify your skills to increase demand for your services


Prep for Success: Jon Hennessey & James Vincent – $15
The beauty industry has grown tremendously during the last decade. There are thousands of people working and interested in joining the industry every day from all over the world, which means the competition is fierce!
The business sector of the beauty industry can sometimes be the greatest obstacle to success especially for students that are still in school and artists just getting started. That’s why it is so important for you to be fully prepared when it’s time to join the workforce. In this session, Jon Hennessey, Makeup Artist and Owner of Nobasura Artist Agency and James Vincent, Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show, will get you started with all the essential business materials that are needed to help guide you to a successful career. Developing strong branding and business materials that can separate you from other artists will ensure that you are the one that clients and customers think of first when they need beauty services. They will show you how to make the best decisions in choosing business cards, websites, headshots, portfolios and other printed business materials.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• How to generate images that set your work apart
• How to create and present a “portfolio” in 2020/21
• Promotional material essentials to grow your brand/business
• Do’s and don’ts of marketing your “brand” on Social Media


Hair and Beyond: Linh Nguyen & James Vincent – $20

For today’s working artists having even a basic understanding of hair styling is essential for success in today’s makeup business. In this important The Makeup Show webinar session, you will learn some simple styling techniques for a basic blowout, curl and a bridal updo from a master stylist who has made a name for himself as one of the best. In this session, Linh Nguyen shares the secrets that have left him to be a favorite of celebrities and clients. He will help you better understand the work and skills that are needed of a hair stylist to create a flawless style for any occasion.

In this 90 minute session, you will learn:

• The tools that will help you prepare and practice your hair skills and build a basic hair kit
• The fundamentals of hair and implementing it into your skill set
• Some easy instructions to get you comfortable or reacquainted with basic blowout, curl and updo technique


Social Explosion: Danessa Myricks, Felicia Walker & Shelly Taggar – $35

A step-by-step blueprint for growing your social media and evolving your social media content to monetize as an Artist with Influence!

Social media platforms have experienced momentous soars and their usage and engagement over the past few months are through the roof across all platforms. Have you benefited from this? Have you and your social media caught the wave? If your social media presence has not seen growth and you haven’t obtained more clients and brand relationships this program is for you!

In this webinar you will learn how to:

•Create content that creates and engages followers
•Develop and sustain successful influencer partnerships and collaborations
•Improve page engagement and encourage sharing
•Successfully monetize your social media account
•Make your social media brand appealing regardless of your number of followers

Join Danessa Myricks & Felicia Walker for this 2hr workshop to get you prepared to take advantage of The Social Explosion and turn yourself into an artist of influence!

Sustaining Social Media growth:
•Curating your Social Brand Identity
•Defining and understanding your audience
•Creating posts that inspire followers
•Tools and strategies for optimizing your posts
•Understanding how to deeply engage your audience
•Maximizing hashtags
•Creating consistent ritual calls to actions
•Discover content and create tools that boost engagement
•Designing your social media calendar
•Leveraging multiple platforms

Monetizing your social media:
•Creating value through your social platforms
•Building your social media content for brand appeal
•How to successfully monetize your Instagram
•Creating must see stories that people can’t click away from
•Strategies for initiating and cultivating brand relationships
•How to package and present your value to brands
•How to charge and create pricing structure


Airbrush and Beyond: James Vincent, Orlando Santiago & Aga Rhodes – $17

As we look for options and makeup methods that meet today’s hygiene and safety standards, airbrush makeup is an excellent option for every application. As a flawless choice for modern camera or an efficient way to cover tattoos or create unexpected looks, the airbrush applies in thin layers to the skin which allows for an even and smooth finished look when applied properly. Because the spray is very finely misted and deposits as pixels, it provides you with a flawless finish that evens out the skin tone and looks effortless. Whether you are working in bridal makeup, editorial or the world of television, film or FX, airbrush is a need to know tool for every artist.

In this webinar, you will learn:
* Airbrush for color correction and coverage including tattoo cover
* Airbrush options for complexion and contour
* How adaptable the airbrush is as a tool for skincare, finishing and advanced technique


New Standards in Hygiene and Sanitation for Makeup Application: Jake Aebly, JD Kraemer & James Vincent – $10

In today’s current climate, proper hygiene and sanitation protocols and practices are more crucial than ever. In an industry with so many products and options for disinfection and sanitation of your kit, as well as conflicting information on kit set-up and client interaction, it can feel confusing and overwhelming. In this session, Jake Aebly and J.D. Kraemer from Alcone Company joins The Makeup Show’s, James Vincent to bring you through a host of helpful products and tips and tricks to maintain the most sanitary makeup application possible. They will touch on current advice from the CDC as well as our unions and agencies to offer you real advice to keep you, your family and your clients safe as well as guide you to resources to make sure you are in compliance with your local governing bodies.

In this webinar, you will learn:

· Which products can help you in becoming a more sanitary and hygienic artist
· How to maintain the cleanest, safest work environment and experience for your clients
· The latest rules for on-set protocols and product sanitation and disinfection