The Best Intentions

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Personal wellness is an important part of day to day life in any creative or competitive industry. Preparing your space, protecting your energy and being more mindful of intention can allow an artist to set their sight more clearly, communicate more effectively and curate something unforgettable for a client. Caring for yourself in today’s current reality requires us to take time to check in with ourselves and stay optimistic about the future.

In this session, The Creative Makeup’s Lijha Stewart and Rebels and Outlaw’s James Vincent offer some insight with the use of tools and techniques you can explore and implement in your life and career to help you focus, be more mindful and better prepared. They will share measurable methods and actionable steps to help you stay on course to your artistry goals while giving you tools to keep you connected, activated and working on being whole in every area of your life.

In this 90 minute session, you will learn to:

– Discover tools to help you focus even in difficult times

– Explore your own wellness as a necessity for career success

– Examine your artistry and wholeness through measurable methods and actionable modalities

Cost: $20

Featured Panelists:
Lijha Stewart
James Vincent

This webinar was recorded on October 8th.
The webinar is over 90 minutes long,
It is available to rent for 48 hours.
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