The Art of Face Charts

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Whether you want to record an idea, practice a design, develop a creative tool or as a method for communication, Face Charts are serving what every makeup artist should master. Face Charts can help you take what’s in your head and create something you can share and show. You can use Face Charts to promote your business and bring your ideas to fruition.

In this The Makeup Show series, James Vincent will host makeup artists and artists in every right, James Molloy, Yvonne MacInnis and Colleen Runne as they share their thoughts, ideas and individual process for creating face charts. They will encourage you to explore creating your own charts and offer ideas on how you can implement them in your marketing media and client presentation more effectively.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

•Listen in as we discuss the why and how face charts can help you in communication and practice
•Watch as three accomplished artists share their style and advice for creating face charts
•Gain the confidence to bring face charts and other presentation materials into your inspiration, design and consultation

Featured Panelists:
James Vincent
James Molloy
Yvonne MacInnis
Colleen Runné

This webinar was recorded on May 30th.

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