“The Makeup Show has grown to become such a unique voice in the makeup world; creating a community for artists to share their knowledge, give advice, introduce new products, showcase influential artistry and provide an open environment for sharing and learning.”

-Lori Taylor Davis, Director of Global Pro Artist/Pro Relations at Smashbox Cosmetics


“One showing at The Makeup Show Houston has  literally changed the course of my brand and product, the Lippiebook.  Life changing is a mild way to put it as Shelly and her team are the most amazing people I have every worked with and I pray to be a part of The Makeup show family FOREVER!”

-Racheal A., Owner of Lippiebook


“The Makeup Show for me is where I get all my inspiration from all my makeup artist family. I’m always looking forward to see friends and give them a huge hug and share ideas for new looks and tricks in the industry, it feels as if I was in a different world where I get to escape from reality and learn about my craft.”

-Danny Medina, Attendee


“I can’t even put in words how grateful I am, I owe my career to The Makeup Show! The education is by far the best part of it all. Looking forward to many years attending the best show ever!”

-Lily Santiago, Lilly’s Makeup Bar LLC


“I traveled from Northern Ireland to visit The Makeup Show in New York and had the most wonderful experience. Given my love of makeup, I felt that the show fulfilled every want; the variation in brands, the expertise on display at the many stages, and the ability to shop with discounts was a great bonus.

-Joanne Bentham, Company Manager at Make Up Pro Store N.Ireland