Taylor Frankel

Taylor Frankel is one of the savvy, female founders of NUDESTIX and NUDESKIN. Embodying the easy- going ideals of the millennial generation, Taylor was the natural inspiration to her mother, Jenny Frankel, who developed the brand. Growing up surrounded by beauty, Taylor believes beauty is a lifestyle. She was always drawn to the industry and created NUDESTIX for a minimalist, natural and no-fuss look and most recently, she launched NUDESKIN to provide a simple, multi-tasking vegan powered skincare regimen for a confident, nude-faced look.


Taylor actively serves as the Chief Brand Officer and brand spokesperson for the brand. She oversees the overall brand vision and creative for both the NUDESTIX and NUDESKIN teams and continues to inspire through her efforts to advocate for Love Is Louder, a movement by The Jed Foundation in support of Mental Health Awareness, The Canopy Project and WWF in support of the environment and wildlife, and Beauty Be Change in support of spotlighting under-represented artists and content creators in the beauty industry.


With a deep understanding and aptitude for social media, Taylor drives the brand and creates loyalists wherever she goes. Taylor was featured in Nylon’s 25 Gen Z’ers Changing the World, served as a contributor for PopSugar, featured on QVC and is an ongoing host for media and consumer facing masterclasses in support of Nudestix global retailers, from Sephora, Nordstrom and Selfridges.


“I believe in creating an authentic and simplistic beauty lifestyle, with products that are easy, effortless and empower women to feel their best by enhancing their finest features, rather than masking them! I believe in using good-for-your skin ingredients and value a clean routine; that’s why we make sure all of our products are paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free with vegan options. Plus, packaging is not only chic and made for the beauty lover on-the-go, but it’s also completely reusable and recyclable”.