Ryan Burke

Ryan Burke is the antithesis of ordinary. He is one-of-a-kind; a visual innovator with an artistic aesthetic that defies creative bounds. Raised in a small town in Virginia, Ryan grew up outside the realms of fashion, makeup, and pop-culture. His talent and unique voice were innate. Having studied computer science in college, Ryan’s love for photography, makeup, and mixed media creation was spawned when he took a class on web design. After college, Ryan moved to Los Angeles where he cultivated his talent by experimenting with makeup and photography on the model that never missed a call time: himself. Ryan’s body of work plays with expectations. He possesses the unique ability to conceptualize and execute hyper-realized looks unparalleled in the creative sphere. His portraits do not rely on conventional clothing, hair, makeup or accessories. Rather, his aesthetic employs unusual materials and makeup to create otherworldly personas. After ten years of inspiring innovation, Ryan continues to build an influential following. His diverse body of work continues to gain the attention and respect of industry leaders near and far. Recently, Ryan was named brand ambassador for legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath. His popularity continues to thrust him before a world where his art finds the audience it well deserves. Ryan is represented by Kreative Kommune, an organic approach to artist management. Stay tuned world, this creative genius is only warming up.