Nam Vo

Raised by first generation Vietnamese immigrant parents that worked 16 hour days, young Nam inherited 3 weapons: a fierce work ethic, humility, and crayons. All 3 continue as mainstays in her makeup artistry arsenal.

Nam’s trademark is the Nam Vo Glow, emphasis on the glow. She defies the laws of light with her signature face-painting techniques: luminous, dewy textures strategically layered to create flawless and incandescent makeup. Nam’s achievements span across fashion, editorial, celebrity and beauty campaigns. Her talent has inspired the hottest brands in the business to seek her influence, resulting in compelling artistry collaborations. She launched Oribe Beauty after consulting as the creative director on all aspects of the makeup line; her hands-on development has spanned color creation, product textures, and luxurious packaging, resulting in a true prestige brand.

Nam is renowned for her luminous skincare artistry and has been the face of beautiful skin stories on Net-A-Porter, BIRCHBOX, industry veteran Bobbi Brown, and Peach and Lily, a main player in the new wave of K-beauty. She brings her signature glow to each client, while maintaining each brand’s vision.

Nam is currently based in New York, but travels frequently, leaving a glowing trail behind her.

Instagram: @namvo