Moises Ramirez

Moises Ramirez  is a New York City-based painter and make-up artist. He blends painting, photography, make-up artistry, illustration, and drawing to influence each another in his work, thus allowing these art forms to play an integral role in shaping and developing one another within his creative process.

Since relocating to New York City 8 years ago , he has conceptualized creative looks for global beauty brands.  In his career Moises has participated in a number of editorial shoots for various fashion publications and has worked worked the last 12 seasons of NYFW.  Currently, Moises is working as a multimedia artist focusing on a series of art inspired by his work in the beauty industry. Through color and texture, he is exploring the idea of beauty and what we find beautiful today.

Moises holds a B.F.A. in Mix Medium/Digital Arts from Arizona State University.