Michael Anthony

Recognized for his bold artistic choices, ability to perfect complexion and unconventional ideas that elevate makeup and the creative thought process. Michael Anthony is that rare artist whose makeup makes an immediate impact.  As one of today’s most influential working artists, Michael has an understanding of building a career in beauty that is both influential and art-filled while making an indelible mark in this beauty business.  For his first time on The Makeup Show California’s Main Stage, Michael will share his unique style and ability to create influence with authenticity that characterizes artistic talent.

Michael will inspire you to go beyond the ordinary while introducing some new ideas you can put into practice in your own work.  He will push you to find your muse, offer thoughts on the importance of diversity, speak about his iconic work featured in music videos, editorial, advertising and immediate media sensation looks on celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kim Petras, Ariana Grande and so many others.

Listen and learn as Michael inspires you to take your own application to a place that will achieve legendary artistic status with authenticity, integrity and unforgettable makeup.