Lyle XOX

Creating mixed media self-portraits  that fuse facial sculpture, makeup, found objects and fictional writing, Lyle Reimer makes work that speak about the power of transformation and the ability to move beyond the sense of self.  Each portrait is a study in contrast and fantasy, with humour and irony woven throughout.

His work has become a playground for evolution, giving birth to characters that defy gender, cultural background, and beauty norms.

Lyle is a lover of the mundane and finds a strong attraction to the items of the world that have been discarded and no longer serve purpose to society.  The broken, the misshapen, the packaging that houses the commodity with perceived value, the objects that were once loved and have reached their expiry date.

Using these cast off pieces to create the facial sculptures and accessories, he grants the objects an additional leg in their journey before reaching their final resting place.

His shoulders and neck serve as a plinth which supports the work, demonstrating a disconnection from the human and the art, all the while highlighting the notion of a symbiotic relationship.

Through the process of removing his self-identify and replacing it with that of an object, he encourages dialogue on a journey connecting the viewer with a myriad of objects relating to their own carbon footprint all through a surreal lens.

Instagram: @lylexox