Linda Hallberg

Swedish Makeup artist Linda Hallberg started her makeup journey when she finished makeup school in 2007. She have always had a great eye and passion for art, colors, textures and shapes. She is known for breaking the ”makeup rules”, her endless creativity and has nearly a million people all over the world following her for her colorful and experimental looks. After finishing makeup school she soon came to the conclusion that you don’t need a thousand products and colors to complete a look. This was the seed that led up to her starting her own makeup company LH cosmetics in 2016, which focuses on multi use, vegan, high quality products and everybody’s right to wear makeup in their own way.

LH cosmetics have won several awards in Sweden for their products already: ”best base product of the year” Best Lip product of the year” and best Multi use product of the year” are just some of them. Linda has worked in retail for many years as a makeup artist, she has been freelancing a lot and worked with some of the biggest artists in Sweden and published in several magazines”