Jill Medicis

Jill Medicis is our In-House Lash Expert and Manager of Lashify Pro. As one of Lashify’s first customers, Jill has a deep knowledge and understanding of how the Lashify system works best. Jill understands the nuances of the product and through her vast experience of applying lashes on herself and other clients she has amassed a plethora of tips and tricks. Jill has worked with celebrity clients and has trained celebrity makeup artists on how to utilize the Lashify system to enhance their client’s experience. She has applied lashes at NY Fashion week and has hosted numerous Lashify pop-up events. She has developed a system of applying lashes to models on Lashify’s major photo shoots that allows for the brand to have the best quality lash look. Jill is able to create lash maps to best suit the model’s eye shape and enhance their natural beauty. On set, Jill has created a technique that allows her to efficiently apply a variety of lash maps during a single shoot. She is also very well versed in makeup and has a background in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist and is a certified Lash Technician herself. Jill understands the importance of the Lashify system and how innovative it is. She has a passion for all things lashes and is always looking for tools that put her in control of her own beauty. Jill is truly a Lashify Pro.