Danessa Myricks

As a makeup artist, photographer, and entrepreneur, Danessa Myricks is one of the most influential leaders in the beauty industry and is widely credited for leading groundbreaking product development for some of the most popular brands before launching her own brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty in 2015.

Starting out as a self-taught makeup artist, Myricks learned how to use products in unconventional ways to create extraordinary looks. Pushing beyond industry norms, she began to teach her techniques to artists, quickly defining herself as a leading educator in the beauty space. Myricks was soon appointed to lead product development for some of the most successful launches in history at top brands in the industry. Her corporate journey further revealed what she personally knew – that the world of makeup still felt exclusive to many. So, she decided to reimagine the beauty landscape and launched her own inclusive, eponymous brand. Referred to as the “Willy Wonka of Beauty” by New Beauty magazine, Myricks invents award-winning multi-use products that work in multiple places and on all faces. She continues to push the industry forward with revolutionary approaches to makeup and viral must-have that are beloved worldwide. Creatively combining artistry with product manipulation, she designs and launches some of the most high-performance, innovative products on the market.

With community-building at the forefront, Myricks is rooted in her artistry as her brand expands around the world. As CEO, she runs the business based on a mission to build confidence through beauty and she powers a global community on the foundation of love, creativity, and diversity. But the most rewarding part of her work is receiving inspiring words from people that previously felt underrepresented, unseen or ignored by beauty brands now finally land at a brand made for all, Danessa Myricks Beauty.

Instagram: @danessa_myricks