Anna Novikova

Anna Novikova was born and raised in Ukraine. She left her homeland in 2022 when in her country the war had come.
Anna always had a passion for beauty and creativity. She loved to draw since childhood. After completing architecture university she was starting to hone her makeup skills and became an in-demand makeup artist with 10 years of experience in the industry.
Anna’s signature style blends traditional techniques with a bold and innovative approach, resulting in looks that are both timeless and contemporary. Anna’s keen eye for color and attention to detail has earned her a reputation as a master of their craft.
She has many winnings in makeup contests with her creative works. Anna is also the 1st winner of Face Awards Ukraine by NYX cosmetics. She had a great trip in LA with winners from all countries.
Anna had experience in master classes at the exhibition for makeup artists.
She remains dedicated to continuing her education and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with makeup. She is always experimenting with new products and techniques, and is eager to bring their unique vision to even more clients in the future.
Anna Novikova is truly a visionary in the world of makeup artistry, and her passion and talent continue to inspire others in the industry and beyond.