Makeup Shop – NYC

Ahbi Nishman

With over a decade in the industry, Ahbi Nishman is able to deliver on concept, aesthetic, and skill with confidence. Her work with hair, make-up, nails and grooming demonstrates her high-quality skill-sets, vision, flexibility, and dedication.

Whether in New York City or elsewhere in the world, Ahbi brings composed and positive energy to all her work; creating and executing high quality hair-style, make-up and grooming for editorial shoots, shows, and private appointments.

She has extensive knowledge of period and contemporary references, maintains up-to-date fashion grammar, is prepared to execute the creative and visionary, and able to manage multiple tasks, organize and lead teams while maintaining excellent set etiquette.

Ahbi regularly does education and production work with The Powder Group and The Makeup Show.

IG: ahbinishman