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Solange Rivera

Solange Rivera is a reconoziged international make-up artist and also the founder and CEO of the two beauty institutions All Skin Center by Solange in the city where she was born Lima Peru and currently living in Los Angeles, California. Solange has over 25 years of experience in the field of beauty specializing in the art of makeup in over 20 countries, of wich she has been able to develop her own style, inspired by different locations and cultures that she has visited.

In her long career as a makeup artist she has worked with recognized beauty companies such as Sebastian, Avon, Unique and others. Solange also worked as an educator, director of sales and artistic director. She also stars as guest for different TV shows presenting trends and beauty tips. In her long established career Solange also had the privilege to work with different world recognized fashion designers like Carolina Herrera, Fendi and others. Recently you can see her work in fashion magazines, beauty magazine covers, advertising spot images for Coke and many more.

Instagram: @solangemakeup