Social Explosion

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A step-by-step blueprint for growing your social media and evolving your social media content to monetize as an Artist with Influence!

Social media platforms have experienced momentous soars and their usage and engagement over the past few months are through the roof across all platforms. Have you benefited from this? Have you and your social media caught the wave? If your social media presence has not seen growth and you haven’t obtained more clients and brand relationships this program is for you!

In this webinar you will learn how to:

•Create content that creates and engages followers
•Develop and sustain successful influencer partnerships and collaborations
•Improve page engagement and encourage sharing
•Successfully monetize your social media account
•Make your social media brand appealing regardless of your number of followers

Join Danessa Myricks & Felicia Walker for this 2hr workshop to get you prepared to take advantage of The Social Explosion and turn yourself into an artist of influence!

Sustaining Social Media growth:
•Curating your Social Brand Identity
•Defining and understanding your audience
•Creating posts that inspire followers
•Tools and strategies for optimizing your posts
•Understanding how to deeply engage your audience
•Maximizing hashtags
•Creating consistent ritual calls to actions
•Discover content and create tools that boost engagement
•Designing your social media calendar
•Leveraging multiple platforms

Monetizing your social media:
•Creating value through your social platforms
•Building your social media content for brand appeal
•How to successfully monetize your Instagram
•Creating must see stories that people can’t click away from
•Strategies for initiating and cultivating brand relationships
•How to package and present your value to brands
•How to charge and create pricing structure

Featured Panelists:
Danessa Myricks, Felicia Walker & Shelly Taggar

This webinar was recorded on May 23rd.

It is available to rent for 48 hours.
This webinar is 2.5 hrs long.
All purchases are non refundable.