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Friday, August 16

Hands-On Workshops ONLY 

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Hands on Workshops allow an exclusive group of dedicated artists to be a part of intense learning with some of the largest names in our industry in an intimate setting. Each workshop is designed to allow attending artists to listen and learn through demonstration, discussion, coaching and critique via face to face attention from icons and celebrity artists allowing you to advance your artistry and career.

*Hands-On Workshop registration is in addition to your show ticket.

*You must register for The Makeup Show in order to register for a Hands-On Workshop

The Perfect Bride: Kevin James Bennett

Studio 1, 10:00am-6:00pm – $300 

Class Level: Beginner to Advanced

This hands-on workshop is ideal for freelancers, salon makeup artists and anyone who wants to add makeup to, or perfect their work in the area of bridal makeup. You will understand the best products and techniques for long-lasting, beautiful bridal makeup. Learn the must-ask questions when working with a bride/bridal party and considerations for photography and video work.


Essentials of Makeup Artistry: Lijha Stewart and Yvonne MacInnis

Studio 2, 10:00am-6:00pm – $300

Essentials of Makeup Artistry is the perfect introduction to the world of professional makeup artistry. In this workshop, you will explore all aspects of an application. Starting from the basics, you will be instructed through the entire process of creating a flawless beauty makeup, from foundation to finish. Get an understanding of the product and tools you need to create a strong comprehension of texture and contour. This workshop is a fantastic compliment to your current skills, will fine tune your technique, and guide you along your decision making process. Attendees will observe demonstrations, and participate in hands-on application of all makeup techniques reviewed while receiving support and feedback. 

Class Level: Beginner

*Presenters, topics and schedules are subject to change
*All Hands-On-Workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable
*If you have already purchased your show tickets and would like to add classes please EMAIL US or call 212-242-1213.