Makeup Shop – NYC

Sandra Teal

A hairstylist, fine artist, inventor and avid golfer. Has a passion for finding problems & creating solutions for the beauty industry and beyond. Her Original magnetic wristband was launched in 2009 with Michael O’Rourke.  Five years later she created Salon Armor and found there were more ways to increase our efficiency in the salon.  The wristband concept is to hold the tools you need easy access to while working on a client so the reach is more efficient.  They work in conjunction with a tool apron or holster. Salon Armor now has 3 patents and a full line of products to make us feel powerful while increasing our speed. She’s licensed with Paul Mitchell, Sport Clips and have a collaboration with Guy Tang.  The products are distributed worldwide and worn by celebrity stylists and platform artists. Feel like a beauty warrior and #createanewhabit