Makeup Shop – NYC

Reina Raybon Payton

I am Reina Raybon Payton to the beauty community I am known as PositiveMei . I am a boutique owner, beauty influencer and most of all a therapist in my everyday life. I receive my PhD in psychology and December 2019 via online and Boise State. Due to the many obstacles that I have had to overcome in my life I choose to empower others to be great and live their life.

PositiveMei is not just a name, it is a whole movement. We strive to be and teach excellence. We have our mentor program, as suicide prevention and awareness program. We are in the process of working to open a full sensory center for individuals with autism.

I am at avid member of the LGBTQ community. I chose and still do choose to fly past all stereotypes about where I am from, my heritage and the fact that I am a lesbian.

When I am not working or beating a face I spend my free time enjoying reading a book snuggled on the couch with my pitbull or watching a love story with my wife. I also love to watch others implement new makeup techniques and product. So to sum it all up I’m just an educated, fun, loving individual who loves people.

I live my life with a smile and a splash of color I suggest that others do the same I always encourage them to walk with their shoulders back their head held high and never let anybody dim the light or steal their joy.