Reigniting your Artistry, Business and Brand

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As we leave 2020 behind and look forward to all the possibilities of the new year to come, we want to help you get geared up and be prepared to reignite your branding, your business and yourself for all that is coming next. 

Join Danessa Myricks, Jon Hennessy and James Vincent for this 90 minute webinar designed to get you ready for the new year ahead. We will share a step-by-step guide on how you can revisit, refine and define your artistry, intension & social communication.

In this 90 minute webinar, you will learn: 

*Revisit- (Relook at where you are and explore the existing landscape )

*Refine- (Strategically target specific tools/skills to practice, update, etc.)

*Define- (Where you see yourself Acceptable vs. Exceptional/Unique vs. Exceptional)

We will examine and explore these three areas through the lenses of Artistry, Marketing, Portfolio and more.

Cost: $30

Limited Space Available

Featured Panelists:
Danessa Myricks
Jon Hennessey
James Vincent

This webinar was recorded on January 10th, 2021
It is available to rent for 48 hours.
This webinar is 90 minutes long.
All purchases are non refundable.