Sunday, September 16, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Learn from legendary artists making an impact on our industry’s past, present and future at our Main Stage Keynotes. These not-to-miss sessions allow artists and industry insiders at all levels of the industry to watch, listen and learn. The Keynote & Business Forum is a must for the attendees who want to learn how to advance their own artistry and careers. Keynote presentations are included in your show ticket.

Quite the Character: Creation and Application of Character Makeup and More – 10:00-11:30 AM Joe Dulude II

Whether you are a bridal artist or work in any area of beauty, understanding how to communicate through creativity is key to crafting unforgettable looks. Makeup holds an important place in creating the magic within theater and inspiring a willing suspension of disbelief. Expertise in design, application, adaptability, and problem solving is a must in character creation. In this first time keynote at The Makeup Show, Broadway’s most sought after artist, Joe Dulude II shares his story and offers expert insight on the creation, inspiration, development and design of a makeup application. Joe will offer industry-leading advice on the tools and technique that allow all levels of artists to execute a flawless application.  With credits including Wicked, Sponge Bob, Beautiful, Into the Woods, NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar and the upcoming Beetlejuice and Torch Song Trilogy, Joe is a master artist who will help you gain a better understanding of your makeup skills and refine your vision to success.

Creative Thinking – 12:30-2:00 PM Ryan Burke

At a time when makeup has become more homogenized than ever and the design and application have become a little expected, there is an artist who continues to push the very concept of beauty and makeup to all new levels. Ryan Burke has managed to capture the collective imagination of our makeup industry as a makeup artist, model, photographer and muse who seems to have no limits in his design process and no boundary in his mastery of the craft. In this first time The Makeup Show keynote, Ryan Burke will share his story and offer insight into the mind of a makeup master before delivering one of his majestic makeups and takes the audience through his creative process. He will show us his mastery of makeup technique, shed some light on what you can do to keep artistry in your makeup applications, deliver some surprises with unexpected makeup materials and answer your questions about all things makeup and career. Join Ryan as he brings you through the creative process for makeup applications outside of the everyday from conception to final look. Learn his story and the importance of finding your own artistic aesthetic.

A Career in Makeup – 2:30-4:00 PM Yolonda Frederick-Thompson

After years of being told it was impossible to maintain a thriving career based in a city outside of NYC or Los Angeles, Yolonda Frederick-Thompson has made her mark and broken all the rules. With a widely respected name in the makeup industry, Yolonda’s career is truly International. Her work has been seen on celebrities including Ciara, Solange, Cassie, and Jennifer Hudson, as well as in magazines including Vogue, W, GQ and many more. Yolonda is not one to let other people limit her achievements. In fact, she invented her own full palette/vanity/iPhone case product – Glam Or Ring, and launched the internationally patented product just this year. As an artist, entrepreneur, and educator; she is passionate about every aspect of this makeup industry. In this first time keynote at The Makeup Show, Yolonda will share her story and show you her process for designing and applying unforgettable makeup. Watch as she shares the detailed techniques for which she has become known for and listen as she offers insight on what you can do to build your own career in makeup.


Learn all the new trends for the seasons, techniques from Airbrush to FX and more at the Main Floor Seminars. Designed to inspire and inform, these seminars are presented by our sponsors and exhibitors, along with some of the biggest artists in the business. These complimentary events are seated on a first-come first-served basis.

Seminars are included in your show ticket.

Seminar A
9:30-10:15Mountain ViewLos Secretos del Maquillaje para preparar tu Piel
"Makeup and Skin Beauty Secrets": Bernardo Vazquez for Nuestro Secreto
10:45-11:30Mountain ViewBrush Technique Secrets: Orlando Santiago for Crown Brush
12:00-12:45Mountain ViewReal Skin: Marietta Carter-Narcisse for Makeup Atelier Paris
1:15-2:00Mountain ViewSmashbox Studio Secrets: Lori Taylor-Davis for Smashbox Cosmetics
2:30-3:15Mountain ViewMountain View
Why Every Successful Makeup Artist Must Know FX Makeup!: Omar Sfreddo and Avi Ram for Cosmix School
3:45-4:30Mountain ViewCelebrity Skin Trend: James Vincent for NYX Professional Makeup
Seminar B
9:45-10:30Mountain ViewBeing a Beauty Boss and Making Money: Sara Faella for Beauty Boss Book
11:00-11:45Mountain ViewCreating The Perfect Image: Daryna Barykina for Mehron
12:15-1:00Mountain ViewDetailing Beauty: Ivan Betancourt for MUSE Beauty.Pro
Mountain ViewBusiness 101: Jake Albey for Alcone
Mountain ViewIn Case of Emergency: Assemble the Ultimate Artist Kit. Nicholas Lujan for MAKE UP FOR EVER

Our Workshops allow an exclusive group of dedicated artists to be a part of intense learning with some of the largest names in our industry in an intimate setting. Each workshop is designed to allow attending artists to listen and learn through demonstration, discussion, coaching and critique via face to face attention from icons and celebrity artists allowing you to advance your artistry and career.

*All Workshops have a capacity of 20 attendees.

*All Workshop Attendees must bring their own brush set, all other products supplied.

*Workshop registration is in addition to your show ticket. You will have the option to register for a workshop when you purchase your show ticket. All workshops are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Red Carpet Beauty and Beyond: 9:45 AM – 12:45 PM Studio 1

Aga Kaskiewicz – $140

Class Level: Beginner to Advanced

Whether your work is with celebrities for award ceremonies or real women, red carpet beauty will help you better understand and execute special event makeup. Watch and learn the secrets to making your makeup long lasting and ensuring it will be flawless in photographs, video and in person. You will practice the techniques and tricks the biggest artists in the business use to develop their signature looks.

Fundamentals of Complexion and Contour 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Studio 2

Danessa Myricks – $140

Class Level: Beginner

In this intensive hands-on workshop, we will look at one of the most important aspects of any application in achieving the perfect foundation. We will explore how product can be manipulated by an artist to attain any desired coverage and texture and the importance of color theory, color matching, correction and coverage in creating flawless foundation. We will discern the decision making process and the why and when in choosing liquid, crème and powder formulations. In the hands-on portion, you will be challenged to color match multiple clients and correctly apply three different formulas of foundation to achieve desired coverage. This workshop is ideal for a beginning makeup artist or artist who wants to explore the building blocks of a beautiful application.

A Beautiful Business: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Studio 1- SOLD OUT

Kevin James Bennett – $140

Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Bridal makeup artists require a specific skill set to realize success in this extremely lucrative section of the beauty industry. Your artistry and business skills must be on-point.This three-hour, hands-on, bridal boot-camp presents real-world solutions to maximize your earning potential, as I teach you how to become a leader in your bridal market. We’ll discuss marketing, the services you offer, pricing, and the creation of beautiful Bridal Makeup. We’ll cover classic bridal looks, theme weddings, and current bridal trends. I’ll show you techniques and tricks to elevate your bride’s appearance and bulletproof their makeup, so EVERY picture looks fantastic. Let me show you how to provide exceptional services on the most important day of a bride’s life – and how to take those skills to the bank!


Orlando Santiago Headshot 12/19/2016Understanding Color Theory and Color Correction: 1:15 PM – 4:15 PM Studio 2 

Orlando Santiago – $140

Class Level: Beginner

Theory is used to allow us to understand how colors react to each other and how our eyes see that reaction. This reaction is the basis of all makeup design. Color theory applied in beauty makeup lets us enhance certain features like eye color, make educated choices to correct discoloration in the skin tone or skin imperfections, and helps with issues like under eye darkness. In more advanced or avant-garde makeup designs, color theory will help you create a unique and impactful end result. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make your own foundations, customize colors to design the best looks for your clients, and develop your eye to see how color theory applies to all aspects of your work.


As we become inundated with information and there are more options than ever before, The Makeup Show Focus series is designed to help you see more clearly, clarify information and get to know the brands behind your favorite products. They are hosted by The Makeup Show brands and developed to introduce you to our vendors in a different environment that allows you to touch, try, and take it all in.

*Focus on a Brand sessions are included in your show ticket but do require pre-registration while purchasing your ticket.
*Products are provided by respective brand. This is a seminar style presentation with no hands on activity. 

Focus On: Cosmix School –  Alexandra McWilliams & Cecilia Muench – 10:00-11:00 AM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from Cosmix School, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let Cosmix School show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.

Focus On: MAKE UP FOR EVER – Nicholas Lujan – 11:15 AM-12:15 PM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from MAKE UP FOR EVER, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let MAKE UP FOR EVER show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.

Focus On: Mehron  Stephanie Koutikas & Daryna Barykina – 12:30-1:30 PM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from Mehron, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let Mehron show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.

Focus On: Mineral Air  Michael McCarthy- 1:45-2:45 PM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from Mineral Air, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let Mineral Air show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.


This specifically designed area offers a demo stage for artists to be introduced to new product,  practice and improve their makeup skills. Explore with product provided by The Makeup Show brands and interact in this fun environment under the guidance of brand experts and The Makeup Show team of experienced artists.

Touch it. Try it. Chart it. Apply it. Photograph it.

*Demo Stage entrance is included in your show ticket.

All About That Face – This stage shows you the secrets of complexion perfection from start to finish, from skin care to sculpt, to the skill sets required to makeup like a pro.

10:00-11:15All About the Face: Amitay Eshel for Zero Gravity Skin
11:30-12:45Out-of-the-Kit Halloween makeup: Brian Mahoney for Vamp FX.
1:00-2:15Naturally Flawless: Mastering the No Makeup Makeup Skin. Angela Wilson for MustaeV.
2:30-3:45Tattoo Camouflage: Jackie van Riet for Kett By MUSE Beauty.Pro
*presenters, topics and schedules subject to change.

The Eyes Have It – This most exciting area of makeup application provides endless possibilities in design and application. From liner, to lashes to the application techniques artists love; this stage shows it all.

9:45-11:00Creating Digital Magic: Roque Cozzette for Cozzette Beauty
11:15-12:30Orange Crush: Myke Silva for Stilazzi.
12:45-2:00Art of Avant Garde: Jordan Plath for Kryolan Professional Makeup.
2:15-3:30Meeting MedixBeauty: Jon Hennessey for TwinMedix.

*Presenters, topics and schedules are subject to change
*Tickets and all Hands-On-Workshops and interactive workshops are non-transferable and non-refundable
*If you have already purchased your show ticket and would like to add classes, please EMAIL US or call 212-242-1213.