Jordan Liberty

Jordan Liberty is an LA-based makeup artist, photographer, and educator. His iconic work has been seen on television, at New York Fashion Week, and in beauty brand campaigns worldwide. He is most known for his YouTube channel which approaches makeup tutorials and education from a professional perspective. Liberty has recently been featured in Glamour, On … Continued


Roshar is an international makeup artist, based in both New York and Los Angeles, with work featured in VOGUE, Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, GLAMOUR, and InStyle magazine, among many other publications.   Known for his unconventional approach to beauty, Roshar’s work has become instantly recognizable through out the world. Originally from a small town in Texas, Roshar … Continued

Reggie Wells

The term “makeup artist” could have been invented for the sole province of MICA alumnus Reggie Wells ’71, the speaker at December’s commencement ceremony. Revered by many as the dean of the profession, his clientele reads like the roll of A-list celebrities at a Hollywood gala: Oprah. Beyoncé. Whitney Houston. Aretha Franklin. Brooke Shields. Mary … Continued

James Vincent

As Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show, The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine James is fortunate enough to work with makeup lines and makeup artists at all levels of the industry. Over the years James Vincent’s passion for the art of makeup has included nearly every genre of makeup artistry. Film … Continued

Eugenia Weston

Eugenia Weston has been a pioneer in the cosmetics industry for over three decades. Gifted with an incredible eye for facial structure and a remarkable sense of color and design, she began to create her inimitable makeup line concocting natural colors long before ‘natural’ was in vogue. As an apprentice for Hollywood makeup stalwarts, Eugenia … Continued