Tia Dantzler

Illuminating is the first word that comes to mind when you hear mention of Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler. From her beginnings in Bridal Makeup to collaborating on the covers of International Magazines including Vogue, Essence and Glamour Tia has continually given back to her makeup community inspiring other artists to pursue their passion. In … Continued

Merrell Hollis

Merrell Hollis is a quiet storm that has influenced our perception of the exquisite. As a make-up artist and grooming expert, his creativity has catalogued mediums, models, innovators, celebrities and legends alike. His hands have effortlessly molded the images of an entirely new pop civilization of music, culture and the new black elite. His indomitable … Continued

Renny Vasquez

Award-winning Celebrity Makeup Artist, Renny Vasquez, is arguably one of the most talented, working artists today. His expert skills were developed vis-à-vis everyday women and on-the-job training with industry pioneers, Sam Fine, Billy B., Derrick Rutledge, and James Vincent. Renny has come a long way from taking care of brides and models in the DMV … Continued

Eryn Krueger Mekash

Eryn Krueger Mekash has 28 years of television and film industry experience as a makeup artist and is diversified in beauty, makeup effects and design. Her credits cover a wide range of productions, including department heading Eat Pray Love, Whip It!, My Sister’s Keeper, Running With Scissors, and Alpha Dog. She also headed television series Glee, … Continued

Eugenia Weston

Eugenia Weston has been a pioneer in the cosmetics industry for over three decades. Gifted with an incredible eye for facial structure and a remarkable sense of color and design, she began to create her inimitable makeup line concocting natural colors long before ‘natural’ was in vogue. As an apprentice for Hollywood makeup stalwarts, Eugenia … Continued