Moshoodat Sanni

Moshoodat Sanni is a licensed Esthetician, a Make-Up Artist and Creative Director based in NYC. Known for her unconventional ideas and free spirit, Moshoodat’s interest in makeup artistry began long before her career launched. From an early age she discovered her passion for helping and beautifying others.

Her love for innovation and creativity led her to major in advertising and design in college. It was during this time, that she gained clarity and inspiration to further explore her talents and develop her brand. Prior to her coming into her own, Moshoodat has worked for a few prestigious global beauty brands. Her background and experience creates a unique style that characterizes her artistic talent.

As a highly active industry influencer, Moshoodat has had the opportunity to work and collaborate with numerous brands, designers and models, magazines, television networks and many more. First launched in 2016, Sanni’s eponymous series “Moshoodat” continues to gain worldwide recognition. Named as one of Elle UK’s “6 game changing Make-up Artist celebrating women of color” and Byrdie’s “11 black Make-up Artists who are changing the game”, Moshoodat continues to push the envelope and captivate us with her ingenuity. (Sanni’s collaboration video with Refinery 29 short cuts, has received over 33 million views and counting.)

Moshoodat’s reach goes beyond the beauty industry, her passion and work has led her to be invited to participate in several panel discussions, including one at Columbia University. In addition, she had the opportunity to work on a unique campaign with the 47 brand for NFL Merchandise. Sanni also successfully launched her own Black Girl Magic merchandise, further strengthening her brand and diversifying her portfolio.

“I created this project because I’ve always wanted women of color to see the light and the magic we carry! I want women of color to be looked at on a high pedestal.” – Moshoodat

The endless creativity and freedom found in makeup artistry gives Moshoodat the opportunity to grow as she plans to continue honing her craft, adding to her client base and setting her sights on inspiring women around the world.