International Stage at The Makeup Show NYC

(Sponsored by Danessa Myricks Beauty)

Sunday, May 5th & Monday, May 6th 2019 – 1st Floor

Find inspiration, unity and unforgettable artistry on our first The Makeup Show International Stage. This stage celebrates the art of makeup by bringing makeup professionals from all over the world together to excite, engage and inspire us to see the energy and possibility of what happens when artists unite. Stay tuned, schedule coming soon! **Access to the International Stage is included in your ticket to The Makeup Show NYC.

Featured artists Include: Vanessa Davis, Mia Connor, Einat Dan, Darya Kholodnykh, Isabelle De Vries, Lorcan Jude Devaney,  Pepe Gutierrez, Daniel Takahashi  Bastian Russ & Ederson Oliveira