The Beauty Brunch

Saturday, May 4th: 2:00pm-4:30pm – $40

Join us for The Makeup Show’s third annual Beauty Brunch! Hosted by James Vincent, this event is a great way to mingle with your fellow industry peers in a more intimate setting. Sip cocktails from Ketel One Botanical and connect with the industry insiders. Celebrate the beauty business with Brands, Press & Artists. Don’t forget to take home a gift bag full of the pro community’s favorite products!

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DECADENCE Have a Ball!

Sunday, May 5th, 5:00pm-7:30pm

We will be celebrating drag in all its incarnations through makeup, fashion, and performance on the runway. Beauty Makeup, Fashion Makeup, Character, FX and Body Painting are all part of bringing it to the children.

Kicking off our The Makeup Show cocktail party with a fashion show celebrating drag, the ball scenes and the glamour and gorgeousness of NYC’s drag community. Drag Queens and Kings take to the runway, working their looks and taking home trophies. Join us for all the fun as we take this party to the streets of New York with music and cocktails!

Artists United (Sponsored by Danessa Myricks Beauty)

It’s no secret that the art and career of makeup have captured the collective imagination. Once an unappreciated area of film and fashion with artists working quietly behind the scenes, makeup is now celebrated by both professionals and the masses in a major way all over the world. In this first time panel, Danessa Myricks invites well-known working artists from all over the world to our The Makeup Show stage to share their ideas and experiences. Join us as their artists ( names to be added once confirmed ) offer insight on building an international career to becoming a better artist by creating work that is impactful, engaging and elevates the idea of what a makeup artist can be.


2019 Art Gallery featuring Matthew Jordan Smith 

As a photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith has shot some of the most famous faces in the world including Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifah and Angela Bassett. His understanding of beauty and ability to capture the essence and individuality of each subject is unparalleled. His clients include brands like Revlon, HBO and more.  In his spare time, Matthew focuses on personal projects, photo exhibits and book projects. To date, Smith has published three books including “Sepia Dreams”, “Lost & Found” and “Future American President”.

He has received numerous awards including the Vision Award and the George Eastman Power of Image award. He is a Nikon Ambassador and the host of the Master Your Lens photography podcast.

In this gallery, you will get a glimpse at the beauty and strength of a photographer who combines a passion for photography with a love of art and connection to others.