Artists United

Danessa Myricks Beauty presents Artists United: Sunday 11th, 10am-1pm – $209

Danessa Myricks & Rose Siard

Join us for “Artists United – Danessa & Friends” during this special educational series, Danessa will share the stage with some of her extraordinary beauty family from around the globe!

Makeup Artistry like every art form, has varying prospective, taste and applications, which is what makes this industry so dynamic! Join us for this year’s “Artists United” as Danessa Myricks shares the stage with renown educator Rose Siard. Enjoy 2 dynamic demonstrations which will focus on the art of blending, shaping and strategizing complexion and eyes. All shared through 2 different lenses: Pro Artistry & Self application for content creation, mastering your own application and more!

Price includes a gift bag valued at over $400 and admission to the The Makeup Shop.

You can purchase this class during your registration to The Makeup Shop