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Natasha Denona

Natasha began her career as a makeup artist in 1996.  Completely self taught, she was fueled by her deep love for beauty and art. With her unique creativity she began forming her own modern style and innovative approach quickly gathering many followers and enthusiasts worldwide.  Her dynamic work caught the eyes of models and celebrities and soon she was in high demand working in the fashion industry on prestigious publications and events with talents like Bar Rafaeli and other famous international models.  For her outstanding makeup creations she was named makeup artist of the year in the Israeli Fashion Oscars (2002, 2006). Swarms of makeup artists and fans began immediately reaching out to Natasha begging her to share her makeup method. Natasha saw this as an opportunity to give back to the artist community and in 2002 she established the Natasha Denona Makeup Academy in Tel Aviv where she continues to teach her award winning techniques.  Always the inventive entrepreneur Natasha became compelled to develop a line of products to represent formulas and shades that couldn’t be found in the current marketplace. The Natasha Denona Makeup Line features advanced professional-grade products of the highest quality that can be used by anyone from a makeup artist to a makeup enthusiast. Her richly pigmented, good-for-your-skin products, have become industry icons, and allow women everywhere to achieve looks they had only dreamed of.