Michael Astalos & Vivian Baker

Before he was a lighting specialist, Michael Astalos was a professional photographer. After marrying a professional make-up artist in 1990, he built the first make-up station incorporating both daylight and tungsten lamps in a portable system that would become the industry standard for film, TV and commercials; he supplies these through Cases for Visual Arts. In 2014, he introduced a new line of LED lights, and his latest company, The Makeup Light, was born.


Vivian Baker is an Emmy Award winning makeup artist with over 30 years experience. Known for her dedication to her art, her beginnings were in the fashion and beauty industry. After a successful fashion and beauty career, Vivian fell in love with character makeup and started her journey as a film makeup artist. Because of her wide array of experience, she has the most range as a makeup artist of anyone in the world.