Making Your Mark: Bobbi Brown

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Bobbi Brown is a name nearly synonymous with beauty. At a time when bold, colorful, and over-the-top beauty trends commanded the industry, Bobbi followed her instinct: rather than trying to change or distort a woman’s features, she used makeup to enhance the traits that make her unique. It’s the aesthetic that disrupted the market nearly thirty years ago and continues to outlast all the beauty trends that have come and gone since.

As a makeup artist and brand owner, Bobbi Brown managed to change the world of makeup by simplifying application, standardizing the counter experience, and more importantly, making beauty ideals more achievable for the masses. As a makeup artist, author, educator, entrepreneur, editor, and activist, Bobbi continues to spread her simple philosophy: be who you are. In her first-time keynote at The Makeup Show, Bobbi shares stories from her makeup iconic career and inspires us all to find our authenticity in our own artistry, and make our own mark.

Featured Panelists:
Bobbi Brown
James Vincent

This webinar was recorded on January 31, 2021 at The Virtual Makeup Show.
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