Let’s Get Down To Business


Creating, developing & sustaining your business can be extremely exciting and incredibly scary all at the same time! Understanding how to develop and communicate your products, services and ideas can be even more challenging.
Join Us live For 2 Hours Of Interactive Beauty Business Development with:

  • Shelly Taggar, Owner of The Makeup Show
  • Danessa Myricks, Owner of Danessa Myricks Beauty
  • Nils Johnson, Owner of BeautyLish
  • Gary Eustache, New Business Development Specialist
  • Jeffrey Chery, Intellectual Property Attorney – Trademarks


Be the Brand
• What is a brand
• Why is branding so important


Formulating your brand identity
• What’s in a name?
• Visual Cues (Fonts, colors, vibe)
• Creating Logos


Communicating your brand
• Storytelling
• Successfully communicating your products & services


Creating your social identity – Danessa Myricks
• Establishing your social presence
• Building momentum


Business Fundamentals
Key things every new business should consider and understand


Choosing a Business structure
• Choosing the type of entity to form
• What is a DBA
• Applying for an EIN
• Getting a Business License
• Keys to expense tracking and reporting Expenses
• Business Expense Documentation
• Tax Filing / Preparation
• Savings/ retirement
• Setting up an accounting system
• Protecting your brand
• Understanding the Difference Between Trademarks, Copyright and Patents
• Acquiring and Securing Trademark Rights as Part of Business Formation
• Protecting Trademarks in a Global Market


This webinar was recorded on May 9th, 2020. See trailer below.

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