Saturday, November 10, 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Learn from legendary artists making an impact on our industry’s past, present and future at our Main Stage Keynotes. These not-to-miss sessions allow artists and industry insiders at all levels of the industry to watch, listen and learn. The Keynote & Business Forum is a must for the attendees who want to learn how to advance their own artistry and careers. Keynote presentations are included in your show ticket.

Celebrity Skin: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Pati Dubroff

As one of the most esteemed makeup artists in our industry, Pati Dubroff continues to redefine modern beauty and make her mark in many areas including changing the way we perceive THE perfect complexion. Coveted by celebrities and world-renowned photographers alike, Pati’s influence on makeup lovers and leading role in creating makeup trends is a true inspiration for any makeup pro. With a resume that includes working with photographers the likes of Peter Lindbergh, Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Demarchelier; Pati’s makeup has graced magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar, to name a few. Pati’s understanding of color, texture and trend make her an innovator, her understanding of perfecting complexion for every client and situation makes her a master. In this keynote, Pati will discuss the process for perfecting skin and complexion by demonstrating techniques and “foundations” of building a look and the journey that has made her the artist she is today. She will showcase some of the tricks and techniques that make her the Go-To Artist for clients including Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra, Melissa McCarthy, Kate Bosworth, Amanda Seyfried, and Natalie Portman and offer tips on how to take any application to the next level.


Beauty Mark: Making An Impact In Artistry: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Miss Fame

Making an impression in a competitive industry is not easy. Making your mark in multiple industries on an international level seems impossible. Model, recording artist, performer and makeup artist, Miss Fame has done just that and managed to capture the collective imagination in the process. Miss Fame continues as trend-setter and a ground- breaker to make an impression with all she does. With an always impressive drive, talent, and a constant vision, Miss Fame is doing it all on an international level. In this first time keynote, Miss Fame, whose real name is Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen, will share the story of what led him from San Louis Obispo to the world of modeling and makeup. He will demonstrate the skill and revel the secrets that go into his internationally recognized makeup applications. Watch a Master at work and witness the art of transformation. Miss Fame/Kurtis will answer questions, offer advice, and inspire you to develop your own style, find your own success, and make your own way in this beauty business.


Image Influence: 1:45 PM- 3:15 PM Jordan Liberty

In the professional makeup industry there are few artists who have managed to make a mark for themselves. Jordan Liberty has created his brand as a well-respected makeup artist, educator, photographer, and product developer through mastering the social media game and reaching the masses. In this brand new Keynote, Jordan will share his background and the passions that led him to become one of the top names in makeup. He will discuss the importance of social media, share his styles on creating and capturing unforgettable images, and offer advice for those looking to take their career to the next level. In his personal and professional life, Jordan shows us strength and determination, and in this Keynote, he will inspire you to make your own makeup artist career one of influence.


Innovation in Artistry: 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM – Joel Harlow

Creating iconic characters and makeup looks that burn their way into our collective imagination is a true achievement. As the artist and innovator behind some of the most memorable looks ever brought to the screen, Joel Harlow is an artist who has helped to define the job and elevate our makeup industry. Inspired in his childhood by the movie King Kong, Joel has become one of the few artists able to span the world of makeup effects design and creation to the world of department head and on set application. An Academy and Emmy Award winner, Joel is one of the best in the business, with a reputation for his humility, integrity and professionalism. In his first solo keynote at The Makeup Show, Joel shares his insight on our industry and the importance of developing your art and authenticity. He will show you some of the work is renowned for, share his stories and inspire you to become the artist you always wanted to be.


Learn all the new trends for the seasons, techniques from Airbrush to FX and more at the Main Floor Seminars. Designed to inspire and inform, these seminars are presented by our sponsors and exhibitors, along with some of the biggest artists in the business. These complimentary events are seated on a first-come first-served basis.

Seminars are included in your show ticket.

Seminar A
9:30-10:15The Glam Squad – Celebrity Makeup and How to Make It Last: Patricia Hartmann & Yvonne MacInnis for Runway Rogue
10:30-11:15Business 101: Jake Aebly for Alcone Company
Flawless Skin in A Flash: Johnny Dosse for Mineral Air
12:30-1:15Detailing Beauty: Ivan Betancourt for MUSE Beauty.PRO
1:30-2:15The Devil’s in the Detail: Tips & tricks for creating perfectly photographable lashes and brows: Jose Rivera for Benefit Cosmetics
2:30-3:30How to Get Into the Union: Sue Cabral-Ebert for IATSE Local 706
3:45-4:30Clean Beauty "The Pros Approach" - Kerry Herta for Veil Cosmetics
Seminar B
9:45-10:30Platinum Perfection - The Ultimate Shimmery, Smoky Eye: Richard Espinoza for Camera Ready Cosmetics
10:45-11:30Treat Your Celebrity Client Professionally: Kristina Goldberg for Graftobian Makeup Company
11:45-12:30The Foundation of Makeup: Kevin James Bennett for RCMA
12:45-1:30Fundamental Foundations: Andy Calero for Cinema Secrets
1:45-2:30Smashbox Studio Secrets: Lori Taylor-Davis for Smashbox Cosmetics
2:45-3:30New Trends on NYFW Runway: Paloma Romo for Mehron
3:45-4:30Mexican Bride: Luis Torres for Nuestro Secreto
*presenters, topics and schedules subject to change.

Our Workshops allow an exclusive group of dedicated artists to be a part of intense learning with some of the largest names in our industry in an intimate setting. Each workshop is designed to allow attending artists to listen and learn through demonstration, discussion, coaching and critique via face to face attention from icons and celebrity artists allowing you to advance your artistry and career.

*All Workshops have a capacity of 20 attendees.

*All Workshop Attendees must bring their own brush set, all other products supplied.

*Workshop registration is in addition to your show ticket. You will have the option to register for a workshop when you purchase your show ticket. All workshops are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Click Here to buy your ticket and register for a workshop.

Danessa Myricks head shot 12/27/2016Makeup for Photography: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Studio 1 SOLD OUT

Danessa Myricks $140

Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced

For anyone working in any print medium including bridal, editorial, head shot or other print work you will review what is involved in creating flawless beauty makeup for photography. This class is designed to help you better understand the details that allow a makeup to be camera ready. Learn techniques required to transform makeup for photography and the products and tools that can be used, and explore the precision required for photographic applications.


Bethany Townes head shot 12.21.2016Fundamentals of Complexion & Contour: 10:15 AM – 1:15 PM Studio 2

Bethany Townes – $140

Class Level: Beginner

In this intensive hands-on workshop, we will look at one of the most important aspects of any application- achieving the perfect foundation. We will explore how product can be manipulated by an artist to attain any desired coverage and texture and the importance of color theory, color matching, correction and coverage in creating flawless foundation. We will discern the decision making process and the why and when in choosing liquid, crème and powder formulations. In the hands-on portion, you will be challenged to color match multiple clients and correctly apply three different formulas of foundation to achieve desired coverage. This workshop is ideal for beginning makeup artist or artist who wants to explore the building blocks of a beautiful application.


Reinventando la Alfombra Roja: 10:15 AM- 1:15 PM Studio 4

Paloma Romo – $140

Class Level: Beginner

Las pasarelas y alfombras rojas de esta temporada, nos han regalado inesperados cambios y adaptaciones a las tendencias clásicas; permitiendo a los artistas del maquillaje diseñar looks basados en la individualidad de cada cliente. Entender el diseño y aplicación correcta del maquillaje para alfombra roja, le permite al maquillador especializarse en todas las áreas que la industria ofrece.
En este taller impartido en español, la experimentada artista Paloma Romo, experta en maquillaje social, de novias y editorial; se adentra en los detalles para crear el look de alfombra roja perfecto, basado en el tono de piel, edad y características culturales del cliente. Al conocer la basta variedad de culturas y estilos, Paloma se especializa en entrenar artistas de distintos países a encontrar su estilo propio, tomar mejores decisiones en cuanto al diseño del maquillaje y crear looks inolvidables para cualquier cliente en cualquier parte del mundo.

**Please note: This class is in Spanish.

Red Carpet Beauty & Beyond:
 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Studio 1

Yvonne MacInnis– $140

Class Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Whether your work is with celebrities for award ceremonies or real women, red carpet beauty will help you better understand and execute special event makeup. Watch and learn the secrets to making your makeup long lasting and ensuring it  will be flawless in photographs, video and in person and practice the techniques and tricks the biggest artists in the business use to develop their signature looks.


Editing & Examining Your Work: 1:45 PM – 4:45 PM Studio 2

Lijha Stewart $140

Class Level: Advanced

Perfecting your technique, detailing your work and understanding control and precision in beauty makeup applications is essential for becoming a well-known or well respected artist. Stepping back from your makeup and making edits is as important as how you design your look and deal with your client. Knowing when to stop and developing your eye to see the small detail in your makeup makes every makeup stronger. This workshop is a concentrated look at techniques including focusing on detailing and taking the extra steps to ensure your makeup goes from great to gorgeous. Learn the methods you need to create flawless, awe inspiring beauty makeup on every job from bridal to editorial.  This workshop will allow you to see and experience your application in HD to better understand your own makeup.


The Makeup Show Focus series is designed to help receive information and get to know the brands behind your favorite products. They are hosted by The Makeup Show brands and developed to introduce you to our vendors in a different environment that allows you to touch, try, and take it all in.

*Focus on a Brand sessions are included in your show ticket but do require pre-registration while purchasing your ticket.
*Products are provided by respective brand. This is a seminar style presentation with no hands on activity. 

Focus On: MUSE Beauty Pro – Alphonse Wiebelt – 10:00-11:00 AM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from MUSE, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let MUSE show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.

Focus On: NYX Professional Makeup – Lijha Stewart 11:15-12:15 PM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from NYX, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let NYX show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.

Focus On: MAKE UP FOR EVER – Nicholas Lujan – 12:30-1:30 PM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from MAKE UP FOR EVER, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let MAKE UP FOR EVER show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.

Focus On: Crown Brush – Bethany Townes – 1:45-2:45 PM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from Crown Brush, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let Crown Brush show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.

Focus On: Mineral Air –  Johnny Dosse – 3:00-4:00 PM

Take this opportunity to touch each product from Mineral Air, try it, talk to a group of your peers and take time to decide for yourself which product becomes one of your must have kit items and learn the features and benefits of each. Let Mineral Air show you what they are all about and share their must have for the professional makeup kit.


This specifically designed area offers a demo stage for artists to be introduced to new product,  practice and improve their makeup skills. Explore with product provided by The Makeup Show brands and interact in this fun environment under the guidance of brand experts and The Makeup Show team of experienced artists.

Touch it. Try it. Chart it. Apply it. Photograph it.

*Demo Stage entrance is included in your show ticket.

All About That Face – This stage shows you the secrets of complexion perfection from start to finish, from skin care to sculpt, to the skill sets required to makeup like a pro.

On Trend – Seasonal changes in design and product availability allow you to create looks that are of the moment and make major impact. Check out our trend stage for the latest looks and how to achieve them.

The Eyes Have It – This most exciting area of makeup application provides endless possibilities in design and application. From liner, to lashes to the application techniques artists love; this stage shows it all.

Demo Stage A - All About That Face
10:00-11:00Naturally Flawless - Mastering the No Makeup Makeup Skin: Angela Wilson for MustaeV
11:15-12:15Gleaming Skin: Melanie Mills for Melanie Mills Hollywood
Celebrity Skincare Kit Essentials: Kayla Meiergerd for Clarins
1:45-2:45The Celebrity Secret For Flawless Skin: Tanya Deemer for Temptu PRO
3:00-4:00Bombshell Glow-Up: Glowy Skin, Bold Eye and Sparkly Lip: Kendell Cotta for Pacifica Beauty
4:15-4:45Sophie Michelle for Petite ‘N Pretty
Demo Stage B - On Trend
10:15-11:15Broken Makeup? Here's Your Quick, Easy Fix!: Jill Rossini for Camera Ready Cosmetics
11:30-12:30GLITTER FOR ADULTS - Meet the cult favorite glitter that will elevate your artistry and save your kit: Megan Dugan for LEMONHEAD.LA
12:45-1:45Crazy Cool Avant-Garde Make-up: Shanna Cistulli for MUD
2:00-3:00The Art of Mixology: Christy Tagatac for CAO Cosmetics
3:15-4:15Fantastic Creatures: Using Texture for Character Design: Nicholas Lujan for MAKE UP FOR EVER
Demo Stage C - The Eyes Have It
10:00-11:00Eyes That Mesmerize: Carly Giglio for Stila Cosmetics
11:15-12:15Mexican Bride: Luis Torres for Nuestro Secreto
12:30-1:30Turn Around Bright Eyes: Kiani Love for Stilazzi
1:45-2:45Attracting Beauty & Intentions: Roque Cozzette for Cozzette Beauty
3:00-4:00Color My World: Danessa Myricks for Danessa Myricks Beauty
4:15-4:45Holiday Glam: Jade Munson for Ardell Beauty
*presenters, topics and schedules subject to change.

*Presenters, topics and schedules are subject to change
*Tickets and all Hands-On-Workshops and interactive workshops are non-transferable and non-refundable
*If you have already purchased your show ticket and would like to add classes, please EMAIL US or call 212-242-1213.