Makeup Shop – NYC

Karim Orange

Karim Orange is a native New Yorker. Her artistic expression has been fueled by a passion for the arts all of her life. Her training in the creative arts and passion for color have developed into a career in makeup artistry. Karim ’s national reputation was established as a makeup artist on the ABC TV show “The View”. She has been honored with two consecutive Emmy nominations for Best Makeup Daytime Television. Karim’s artistry has graced various venues from film, television, editorial and live performances. Her clientele has included: Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin, Lil Kim, The Dixie Chicks, Jay-Z, Nas, Diddy, Wendy Williams, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Samuel L Jackson.


However, what makes Karim Orange a unique force in the cosmetics arena is her role as a sustainable/clean makeup activist. Hailed by ELLE magazine as a “Green Star. One of the most respected pioneers in the beauty industry, she is leading the charge for increasing transparency in personal care product ingredients. She advocates more choices for real women who presently sacrifice beauty for fear of harmful chemicals and additives.