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Julie Meads

Julie Meads is the Supervisor of CNN Hair and Makeup for the New York bureau, encompassing work for CNN Domestic, Espanol and International as well as HLN networks.  Her role consists of overseeing all aspects of the department, staff and freelance artist recruitment and development as well as leading teams in the field for large on location productions. Staying one step ahead in this fast-paced world of breaking news and never-ending news cycles, Julie thrives in the organized chaos. Over the last 6 years with CNN, Julie has had the opportunity to work on CNN Heroes, presidential debates, townhalls as well as political conventions across the country, enjoying a front row seat at several history making events!

While attending Parsons School of Design in NY, Julie developed a love for makeup artistry.  In the early 90’s this passion led her to work with a relatively unknown brand at the time, MAC cosmetics.  This started her career in cosmetics retail management, fusing her passion for artistry with her love of business.  She has worked in many roles such as educator, account executive, retail manager throughout her retail cosmetics career with top brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown and NARS.  Julie has always understood that developing relationships, stepping up to new challenges and operating with integrity and candor are her keys to success.  This has allowed her to transition between her retail cosmetics roles and the network news business, seamlessly.  She has been afforded many opportunities throughout her career, leading her to CNN where countless more await!