International Stage – “ Beauty Reimagined”: Danessa Myricks, Isabelle DeVries & Marie Dausell

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It’s no secret that the art and career of makeup have captured the collective imagination. Once an unappreciated area of film and fashion, artists worked quietly behind the scenes. Makeup is now celebrated by both professionals and the masses in a major way all over the world and artists are stepping to the forefront with innovative applications and exciting new style. Danessa Myricks invites well-known working artists from all over the world to The Virtual Makeup Show stage to spotlight and showcase the talent and experiences of a few of our favorite artists.

Find inspiration, unity and unforgettable artistry on The Virtual Makeup Show International Stage. Sponsored by Danessa Myricks Beauty. This stage celebrates the art of makeup by bringing makeup Mavericks from different parts of the world together to excite, engage and inspire us.

Isabelle De Vries is a true creator with innovation and overwhelming passion for her art form. Isabelle’s work challenges trends and stereotypes of beauty and has gained recognition from the industry’s elite.
Marie Dausell is in many ways a great example of the new generation of makeup artists with starting and building her own career through Instagram. She has created her own unique style and place in the makeup world, and her talent was quickly noticed and praised by some of the most influential people in the industry.

Featured Panelists:

Isabelle DeVries
Marie Dausell
Hosted by Danessa Myricks, this session allows you to see the energy and possibility that happens when artists unite.

This Live Main Stage Presentation was recorded during The Virtual Makeup Show on September 14th
The webinar is over 90 minutes long,
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Artists follow their state or country PPE regulations and standard sanitation guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.