iArtist 5.0 will be in a new Special city, which will be announced by July 15.

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The iArtist program includes a gift bag valued at over $500, over 15 sessions with top artists and a ticket to any Makeup Show in 2023

This program is only available to 80 artists, so be sure to reserve your spot soon.

In this program, you will build for decades in days. You will gain collected years of experience and expertise encapsulated in hours. As artists, we have had to constantly develop our skill set and make decisions about how we will work with our clients in a special way. In this all new program from The Makeup Show, we will work to help you find balance in today’s industry and build to the next level by looking at art, listening to artists and exploring ourselves. Designed for makeup artists, hair stylists, students, enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to build a beauty industry career, iArtist 5.0 helps you to reevaluate, reprogram, recharge, rethink success, reboot and relate to your art and your client in completely different ways.

⦿ Build for decades in days.
⦿ Receive the benefit of over 200 years of collective experience and expertise in beauty encapsulated in 3 immersive days.
⦿ Work one-on-one and in small hands-on groups in immersive experiences led by industry experts.
⦿ Merge the world of beauty and business to add profits to your passions.
⦿ Enter into a lifelong mentorship program for all iArtist participants.
⦿ Watch and learn from a host of Artist Visionaries and Industry Vanguards from all over the world, you will journey through engaging art lessons and parallel these exercises to specific and strategic makeup application techniques.
⦿ You will be guided through these processes by artists who have mastered these strategies, be mentored to find their own unique voice in the expression of fundamental artistic elements and understand the value and power of implementing these principles into their personal artistic journey to discover their own point-of-view.
⦿ Boost your confidence. Break out of your comfort zone. Embrace the creative process. Unlock barriers and limitations to unleash the limitless potential in your business and artistry.

iArtist pulls you deeper, pushes you further and puts you in a place to be all that you want to be.

Become better than you are today.

iArtist 5.0 is brought to you by The Makeup Show, James VincentDanessa Myricks and Shelly Taggar.

“Danessa, James and myself always wanted to find a way to connect and give back to the community we love so much. iArtist was born from that desire and has been proven by many of our participants that it affected their career in the way they had hoped. And I am so proud to see that”
"Finding the support I needed from my mentors at iArtist has helped pick the lane I know I can accelerate in. They’ve definitely pushed me to come out of my shell and made me understand that being uncomfortable would lead to trying new things. I’ve developed the skills to advance in my career and made the connections that I would’ve never had the opportunity otherwise."
For questions, please email Niamh@themakeupshow.com.
Please note: If this event is postponed due to any unforeseen circumstances, tickets and classes will be transferred to a later date. Tickets and classes will not be refunded.