“Danessa, James and myself always wanted to find a way to connect and give back to the community we love so much. iArtist was born from that desire and has been proven by many of our participants that it affected their career in the way they had hoped. And I am so proud to see that”
"Finding the support I needed from my mentors at the Iartist has helped pick the lane I know I can accelerate. They’ve definitely pushed me to come out of my shell and making me understand that being uncomfortable would lead to trying new things. I’ve developed the skills to advance in my career and made the connections that I would’ve never had the opportunity."

iArtist InAction – Mentorship Program

iArtist Virtual is an all-new and innovative incarnation of the education and networking events that The Makeup Show has become known for, and is an addition to our yearly iArtist in-person event.
iArtist is a way for you to build your knowledge and your network. iArtist enables you to do it with the support of industry insiders with a combined 200 years of experience. With the support of your peers, the inspiration of your idols and the education of visionaries, this is the push you need to be the artist and business owner you want to be.

As artists, we have had to constantly develop our skill set and make decisions about how we will build our portfolio; perfect our skill set and broaden our business and network. This last year has shown us as artists and business people, we need to remain adaptable and educate ourselves consistently to meet the needs of an ever growing and changing beauty industry. iArtist is designed for makeup artists, hair stylists, students, enthusiasts and anyone who wants to build a beauty industry career and find success on their own terms. iArtist InAction will bring our yearly iArtist The Makeup Show Forum experience and yearly mentor program to all new places and possibilities virtually and in-person.

Each month you will be invited to meet and learn from industry experts and be able to interact and ask the questions that pertain to you specifically. You will be challenged to explore new ideas, create new business practices and push yourself outside of your comfort zone in a safe and intimate environment. You will be given an action plan and be part of a mentoring group that gives opportunity and inspiration while also giving you the tools and role models to find your own footing. You will find success is indeed achievable, and a support system that will push you to past borders and boundaries to help bring you to the career you want.

Our online series is the inclusion of a monthly series of LIVE virtual presentations, coaching sessions and classes. It makes it possible for artists all over the world to participate even if they are not able to attend our three day in-person session. The live in-person weekend is in addition to the iArtist InAction online program where we will gather, learn and celebrate. Each attendee is able to choose their own plan. You have the option to attend the live in-person event, participate in just the virtual monthly program or take part in both. Each session exposes you to new ideas and relationships with the biggest names in the business. Artists, Agents, Brand Owners, Coaches… Each session will push you to be your own personal best.

If you are ready to do the work and be part of our mentorship program lead by Shelly Taggar, Danessa Myricks and James Vincent, please email info@themakeupshow.com. Or fill out and submit the form by clicking here.

For questions, please email Sophia@themakeupshow.com.
Please note: If this event is postponed due to any unforeseen circumstances, tickets and classes will be transferred to a later date. Tickets and classes will not be refunded.