iArtist 7.0 Location & Details Coming Soon!

Take a Look at the program from iArtist 6.0 – 2024 in NYC


  • 3 days of intensive program, with over 20 mentors
  • Business and art tracks
  • A gift bag valued at $500
  • Tickets to The Makeup Show New York
  • A chance to be added to our mentorship Facebook group 
  • Payment plan is available when registering

iArtist 6.0: Take Action, Art and Commerce

The iArtist Program has become a favorite for artists searching for community and connection. For the last five years iArtist has helped hundreds of artists become better artists while building their connections and gaining an understanding about who they are and what they want to do. iArtist 2024 picks up the pace and pushes you forward in the center of fashion and beauty…New York City.

In this session you will find the path and track that sets you firmly on the way to achieve your dreams. In this all-new session, you will define success for yourself, gain confidence, and get real information on how to achieve it all. Divided into tracks you will be placed with mentors and peers on the same journey forward who can support you as you grow. We will explore New York City and have an opportunity to be in some exciting places with industry experts and inspirational artists. We will offer real advice and give you tools and a plan to move forward towards your individual goals. You will learn to establish yourself as a unique, individual artist and brand, while creating a network and finding those pieces to get you to the next place. The place you’ve always wanted to be.

  • Develop your eye and find inspiration
  • Develop your mind and find possibilities
  • Develop your creativity and find expression
  • Develop your hand and find your best skill sets
  • Develop Yourself and find success

If you are interested in joining the program please fill out the application HERE

iArtist is brought to you by The Makeup Show, James VincentDanessa Myricks and Shelly Taggar.

“Danessa, James and myself always wanted to find a way to connect and give back to the community we love so much. iArtist was born from that desire and has been proven by many of our participants that it affected their career in the way they had hoped. And I am so proud to see that”
"Finding the support I needed from my mentors at iArtist has helped pick the lane I know I can accelerate in. They’ve definitely pushed me to come out of my shell and made me understand that being uncomfortable would lead to trying new things. I’ve developed the skills to advance in my career and made the connections that I would’ve never had the opportunity otherwise."