• 3 days of intensive program, with over 20 mentors
  • A gift bag valued at $500
  • Tickets to The Makeup Show Nashville
  • A chance to be added to our mentorship Facebook group 
  • Payment plan is available when registering


To transcend is to go beyond the range of limits and to triumph over the negative and restrictive aspects. To transcend is to become an expert, unique and extraordinary. This program is designed to get you thinking, feeling and get you out of your head, to create without limits. It’s designed to assure you are unlimited in your career and your artistry, by giving you the tools to accomplish everything you hope to and become the artist that you want to be and beyond. This program helps you become an authentic, integrated, amazing artist above what you ever even imagined.

iArtist pulls you deeper, pushes you further and puts you in a place to be all you want to be and become better than you are today. Join your favorite artists, industry experts, peers, and build a stronger self. Become part of a support system that allows you endless opportunities. Become the artist you always knew you could be.
● Develop your eye and find inspiration
● Develop your mind and find possibilities
● Develop your creativity and find expression
● Develop your hand and find your best skill sets
● Develop Yourself and find success

If you are interested in joining the program please fill out the application here.

iArtist 5.0 is brought to you by The Makeup Show, James VincentDanessa Myricks and Shelly Taggar.

“Danessa, James and myself always wanted to find a way to connect and give back to the community we love so much. iArtist was born from that desire and has been proven by many of our participants that it affected their career in the way they had hoped. And I am so proud to see that”
"Finding the support I needed from my mentors at iArtist has helped pick the lane I know I can accelerate in. They’ve definitely pushed me to come out of my shell and made me understand that being uncomfortable would lead to trying new things. I’ve developed the skills to advance in my career and made the connections that I would’ve never had the opportunity otherwise."
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Please note: If this event is postponed due to any unforeseen circumstances, tickets and classes will be transferred to a later date. Tickets and classes will not be refunded.