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Session 1: $29.99 
Session 2: $29.99
Session 3: $29.99
Total Cost: $89.97

The iArtist InAction Mentorship program offers 15 Virtual Sessions throughout the course of a year. This is an intense program, with lots of projects and homework. An open mind is required, be ready to work on yourself. The program will have lots of surprises, special free sessions and more. You will be working with different artists and mentors in a group setting and individually. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our iArtist InAction online series is the inclusion of a monthly series of LIVE virtual presentations, coaching sessions and classes. It makes it possible for artists all over the world to participate even if they are not able to attend our three day live session. iArtist pushes past borders and boundaries to bring you to the career you want no matter where you are in your career, in your life or in the world.
You will also have option to add our Live 3 day program, as we announce that.

Session 1: Who Do You Think You Are? 

How do we understand how to move forward when we have no idea where we are or even who we are?

Gaining a deep understanding of who you are on a deeper level, your cognitive orientation, your interpersonal orientations and what makes you tick, goes a long way in determining who and how you should engage in work and personal relationships. Understanding your unique strengths is vital to succeeding in your career. It’s the first step in building your personal and unique roadmap for success. Figuring yourself out helps you clarify everything else!

• Understand clearly how you process information
• Understand your strengths and weaknesses to create a high-level of performance
• Understand how to stay on track and not be derailed by life’s events
• Define your unique key drivers that move you to action and keep your feet on the gas
• Clearly define how the people around you think and what words and actions will create deeper connections and stronger working relationships

Join us in this first session, where we break it all down so you can build it all up again in a way that feels right for you and fuels your ultimate intentions towards success. Your mission to achieve something great starts now!

If you are ready to do the work and be part of our mentorship program lead by Shelly Taggar, Danessa Myricks and James Vincent, please email Or fill out and submit the form by clicking here.