“Danessa, James and myself always wanted to find a way to connect and give back to the community we love so much. iArtist was born from that desire and has been proven by many of our participants that it affected their career in the way they had hoped. And I am so proud to see that”
"iArtist was designed to be an incubator of success where like minded artists can connect, collaborate and be inspired."
"iArtist is a learning experience like no other, and we hope you’re able to join us."
"iArtist was an investment I made not only in myself, but in my craft. In just a few days, the program changed my life and taught me invaluable lessons about the industry and how to navigate my way through it. I came out of that weekend feeling inspired, validated, and motivated in ways I hadn’t before. It has informed the direction I am going in my career, and gave me a community of artists to grow along side of. Ultimately, iArtist pushed me to become the best artist I can possibly be."
"Finding the support I needed from my mentors at the Iartist has helped pick the lane I know I can accelerate. They’ve definitely pushed me to come out of my shell and making me understand that being uncomfortable would lead to trying new things. I’ve developed the skills to advance in my career and made the connections that I would’ve never had the opportunity. The workshops are vast and covers all aspects of the industry it was easy to see clearly what I wanted abs what was realistic for me. Basically prepared to to be a ProMUA not just another girl with a makeup brush. Can a small town girl dream big! I most certainly can and did! Thank you to my Iartist family for believing in me before I even believed in myself."
"Being from Mississippi, there are no local opportunities to be educated by working industry professionals. Not only did i Artist give me invaluable information about makeup artistry, but it also afforded me the opportunity to make lifetime connections with other artists."
Nana Kumi
iArtist 2018 attendee

Jordan Graye
iArist 2018 & 2019 attendee

Tiyana Robinson
iArist 2018 attendee