Mary Erickson

Mary EricksonMary Erickson of spent most of her 30+ years working in the commercial print arena in Southern California. Over the years Mary became known as the “Queen of Clean.” Her credits include Rolling Stone magazine, TimeForbesPeopleOprah, ESPN, Adidas, Fruit of the Loom, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft to name a few.

Because Mary was tired of driving to Los Angeles to purchase professional makeup products she decided to bring a Pro store to the San Diego area. In 2003 Mary opened Camera Ready Cosmetics as a home-based business while actively working as a freelance artist. The store quickly grew to a brick and mortar, and with annual growth of 10% – 30% the store outgrew its location each year. Concluding that moving was just too hard, Mary took the leap and purchased a 12,000+ square-foot building in Dallas, Texas. This new store opened to the public in January of 2016. Camera Ready Cosmetics now employees 36 people, mostly full time. The store’s success has surprised Mary more than anyone, who describes it as “a gamble that paid off.” The Dallas artist community has been very supportive, and in less than a year the showroom is twice as busy as the San Diego location.

Mary continues to hire and mentor both artists and entrepreneurs. She finds it very rewarding to train the next generation and watch these individuals grow to succeed on their own.