Brian Champagne

Brian Champagne is a professional makeup artist with 30 years in the Beauty and Skincare industry. His clients range from Miss USA and Miss Universe to Selena and Reba, as well as the red carpets of the Oscars, the glitter of the Houston Rodeo to the bright lights of the Emmy Awards.

30 years in Texas and California, educated as a makeup artist and licensed esthetician Brian’s focus is always on beautiful skin and glam. His eye for detail lead to becoming a professional portrait photographer with over 2,000 National awards.

A 3-time World Champion Face of the Future award winner, the only competition in the world for an esthetician, Brian will be the Host of the 2018 Competition.

His “Crystal Blue Room” salon; named “The Most Beautiful Vanity in the World”, is the place to be and its where you’ll find Brian teaching lessons, having sessions and hosting meet & greets.  The ambiance and his contagious energy is truly an extension of Brian’s love for beauty and passion for esthetics.