Makeup Shop – NYC

Dia Starr

A 31 year old native of Dallas, TX. I am often described by my peers as “The Jill of all Trades”. I I’m a Boutique Boss, Makeup Artist, Model, Beauty influencer and Event planner. With so much creativity balled up inside me it was difficult to figure out which direction I wanted to go in life as far as business was concerned, as I am very passionate about makeup, fashion and decorating. One day I woke up and asked myself who ever asked me to choose just one thing.  I’ve been a freelance makeup artist for over 9 years, but I also still planned events in the background and provided business consultations and solutions services for clients. So finally in 2017 I created an umbrella company for everything, Dia Starr Studio’s soon to be Dia Starr Studio’s Inc., is the Ultimate Beauty Experience. You can get your makeup done, pick out a cute outfit and some accessories and learn how to run your own business all in one place.