Makeup Shop – NYC

Desiree Falcon

I.A.T.S.E. Member Desiree Falcon began doing makeup at the age of 3 for her mother before the babysitter came for date night with her father. She would be placed upon the bathroom counter and carefully apply her mother’s red lipstick with her retractable lip brush. Thus began a makeup career that has spanned 2 decades in the beauty industry. Not only is she a skilled makeup artist and M.U.D. graduate, but she is also a California licensed esthetician. As a Los Angeles native, Desiree has worked on various projects from L.A. to New York and everywhere in between.  As a full time freelance artist her career has encompassed primarily moving camera work. Focusing on film production, Desiree loves being on-set. As a Department Head she has made numerous feature films, music videos, television commercials and even designed full theatrical productions. With a passion and dedication to her art, Desiree’s creativity and versatility are always the pinnacle starting point to any application. From corporate to production Desiree has truly done it all.