Covid-19 Compliance

Rules for Entrance to Events 

As of March 7th attendees will no longer be required to provide proof of Covid 19 vaccination to enter The Makeup Show Chicago, NYC and California.

*Please note – Rules may change based on state and city laws.

Our Commitment to Safe Events
At The Makeup Show, we want to guarantee our attendees and vendors safety at all events. We help attendees and vendors feel secure. Our safety guidelines are followed by our staff throughout the entire event. Our COVID-related safety requirements show a strong commitment to safety. And we are happy to share them with you.


Ensuring Safe Events
During events, we sanitize every event floor every 30 minutes. This includes frequently-touched surfaces like door handles. Venue staff sanitize all restrooms every 30 minutes. We provide hand sanitizers throughout the venue including our education rooms. Our hands-on education rooms will be socially distanced and set up with individual makeup packs that will be removed and sanitized after every attendee. Our security team ensures the separation of foot traffic between designated entrances and exits. This means no intermingling of attendees arriving and leaving. The Makeup show also educates and trains all of our employees on all COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. Our team is certified in Covid-19 compliance.

CDC Guidelines and Best Practices
We help our vendors in every way possible to display and sell their products safely and in accordance with CDC guidelines and best practices.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our commitment to providing safe, successful events at The Makeup Show. We look forward to seeing you.