Connection In A Digital: The Virtual Makeup Show

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Technology and media are more crucial than ever when it comes to success in the makeup business. In this session we will discuss the importance of social media and virtual platforms for your business and artistry. We will talk about how we are implementing these resources into our business and brands and offer insight. We will be answering questions and letting you in on everything that will be happening at the worlds first virtual The Makeup Show.


Have questions on how The Virtual Makeup Show is going to work? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered!

Join Shelly Taggar, owner of The Makeup Show, James Vincent, Director of Education & Artist Relations for The Makeup Show and Danessa Myricks, owner of Danessa Myrick Beauty on this virtual journey as they explain step-by-step how The Virtual Makeup Show will work and what it has to offer.


In this COMPLIMENTARY webinar, we will cover:

· Exhibitor pages
· How to shop the brands
· Education Agenda
· When & How to view the classes
· What is LIVE & what is pre-recorded
· How to communicate with the brands and artists
· 7 days access prior to the show
· And MORE!

Featured Panelists:
Shelly Taggar
James Vincent
Danessa Myricks


This webinar was filmed live on August 21st.

Watch the full complimentary webinar below: