Derrick Rutledge

Derrick Rutledge BW croppedIf you believe that we are the sum total of our life’s experience and that as with destiny, if you work hard enough, and long enough, and remain true to your convictions that one day you will be where you are supposed to be, then you too will understand why this is the decade of Derrick Rutledge.  It is not by chance that Derrick is the premier make-up artist to First Lady Michelle Obama or legendary mogul Oprah Winfrey.  In Western civilization the word luck has been used to represent good fortune or the result of chance or happenstance.  Eastern civilization goes even further to combine natural elements of chance with those of preparation and recognizes that the combination of the two is the per-fect ingredient for success.

With the stroke of a brush and the eye of a master Derrick Rutledge has claimed his place as a premier Make-up Artist. His art has graced the faces of the legendary and the aspiring alike, creating undeniable looks for the celebrity and unforgettable moments for the everyday.

From the start Derrick’s talents have provided a blueprint for beauty at its best. Serving as Master Artist and key developer for Dudley Products and Dudley Cosmetics, his expertise laid a foundation, which fortified the then budding initiative. Derrick has served as Chief Make-up Artist for BET adding his trademark sculptured brow and well defined lips to the entertainment industry’s standard.

Today as founder of Derrick Rutledge About Face (DRAF LLC), Derrick Rutledge has created a team of beauty experts on the subject of aesthetics, make-up application, hair care, styling and imaging. This team of future beauty image all-stars is trained in the DRAF Technique