Kevin James Bennett

Kevin James Bennett is known across the industry as one of the most product driven, business-focused artists of a generation. Not only is he an Emmy® Award winner and incredibly successful makeup artist, he is a leader and educator in all aspects of this industry, an inspirational voice and, without a doubt, one of the … Continued

Andrea Samuels

Andrea C. Samuels is an award-winning makeup artist who started off as a painter in her early years. She began her creative career drawing and sketching people at the age of two, eventually enrolling in art college courses in The School of The Art Institute at age nine. In 2009, Andrea Samuels enrolled and graduated … Continued

Michelle Durpetti

In 2008 McGowan Durpetti & Associates was founded on the principle that event planners must be good sources of creative ideas combined with practical experience, flexibility and know-how to manage an event from beginning to end. Over the next two years MD&A worked with various corporate, social and non profit clients, producing numerous events, including … Continued

Lori Taylor-Davis

It’s hard to say where Lori Taylor first found her love for painting the face. It could have been while styling her “Make Me Pretty” Barbie head by applying “makeup” with her crayons at a young age. From there she quickly moved onto her grandmother’s vanity where she discovered a world of cosmetics that led to a career in which … Continued

Billy B

Billy B. has been in the business of beauty for over twenty years. He has painted some of the world’s most famous faces, and created iconic, trendsetting looks for some of the most award-winning music videos ever made. In addition to his work as a celebrity makeup artist, he has secured a prominent place in … Continued

John Stapleton

He is best known for his bold statement looks that deliver an abundance of theatricality, but Senior Artist John T. Stapleton is no stranger to understated elegance, either. From working with celebrity clients, backstage at fashion weeks and on photo shoots, Stapleton turns his hand to a wide range of looks, sometimes all within the … Continued

Melanie Mills

Emmy Award–winning makeup artist Melanie Mills is one of Hollywood’s leading style-makers and beauty consultants, known for her glamorous flair, supreme talent, and vivacious personality. Melanie’s journey to glitter and glam began in Thousand Oaks, California. Born to a family of intelligent, strong, and capable women – each style icons in their own right – … Continued