Danessa Myricks

A makeup Maverick who’s eye for photography has encapsulated her ideals of beauty. Inspired initially by the inner sphere of the beauty business, Danessa’s career hit the ground running at the corporate level, where she discovered her true passions aligned the trajectory towards artistry.  With insight and business structure intact, she noted the highest opportunities … Continued

Brian Sutherby

Encompassing 25 years, Brian Sutherby’s career in the beauty industry serves as an invaluable resource.  As Co-Owner of MUSE BEAUTY, his experience as a working artist and educator delivers solutions & opportunities for business with expert precision.  His background as Educational Director for leading cosmetic brands translates knowledge to action with ease by incorporating a holistic approach to one’s … Continued

Bethany Townes

Bethany’s fascination with the art of makeup began in 2006 with a small part-time job at a cosmetic counter. Never could she have imagined experiencing such an immediate connection to something as simple as applying mascara or rouging a cheek, or that it could evolve into her life’s passion and current full time career. Quickly her … Continued