Bridal Glam and Beyond

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Becoming a successful makeup artist means putting in long hours of hard work, day after day of dedication and an unlimited amount of patience. A makeup artist who works predominantly in bridal or with private clients has got to have a kit, a skill level, and an understanding of makeup that goes far beyond the basics.

In this first time The Makeup Show webinar, Emmy Award winning makeup artist and Hollywood insider Melanie Mills leads a panel of master makeup artists known for bridal and private client glamour and Glow to offer insight and understanding of building a better makeup. From your consultation with your client to designing the makeup and finishing with important pro details, Melanie and the team will offer their tips and technique that land them a prime clientele and make them premier in the makeup business.

In this webinar, you will learn to:
*Gain an understanding of consultation, client interaction and makeup design
*Know what product pros use for bridal and red carpet makeup that works well for camera and wears well all day
*See how Gleam and Glow can add unforgettable glamour to any makeup look.

Featured Panelists:
Melanie Mills
Aga Rhodes
James Vincent

This webinar was recorded on July 15th.
This webinar is over 100 minutes long.

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